Tremors – A Spoken Word Poem.

Raise your arm above your head,
Apply pressure to the wound,
Slow your breathing,
Calm down,
Feel time stop.
There was so much blood.
Bright crimson,
I’ve decided that particular shade
Does not look good on my skin.
I have scrubbed and scrubbed
But I still see it.
Blood on my hands
When I close my eyes,
I have never felt so helpless.
I have steady hands.
Got them from my father
Who taught me to always stand strong
Stand tall.
Steady hands hold us up
Make sure we don’t fall.
He had workers hands,
Years of holding people up
Years of hard work
Ingrained into his palms.
I never heard him complain.
He would walk around
Palms facing up,
Battle scars on show
This is where I’ve been
And he gave them to me.
Taught me to lock your wrists
When the going gets tough,
You need strong hands he’d say
In case someone
Needs something to hold onto.
My hands never shook as bad as that night.
I’m sorry I couldn’t hold you up any longer.
Tremors though my body
I was not used to this.
I’ve heard people call it shock,
But can you really be shocked
By something you were waiting for.
Raise your arm above your head.
I hold it there.
I’m not sure anymore
If it’s me or you shaking so much.
I tell myself it’s you
Adrenaline coursing through your veins,
I have never seen you so pale.
Apply pressure to the wound
To stem the bleeding,
To try and stop the hurting.
Apply pressure
Apply pressure
Apply pressure
And here
To stem the bleeding,
Please stop the hurting,
Slow your breathing.
Apply pressure
Raise your arm
I exaggerate my breaths,
Make you copy me
Put your hand to my chest
This is what you need to do.
Feel this.
Be this.
Calm down.
Slow your breathing
Apply pressure
Raise your arm.
Its going to be okay,
We’re going to get through this.
I still love you.
I will always love you.
Feel time stop.
Calm down
Slow your breathing
Apply pressure to the wound
Raise your arm above your head.
I don’t clock you at first
Still reeling from our fight.
I notice the pool of red on the floor.
I stop breathing when I see you.
I feel time stop.
I do not have steady hands anymore.
Featured Image – padhokhelo

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