My Month In Music.

She Sets the City on Fire – Gavin DeGraw

I love love LOVE everything that Gavin DeGraw has ever done, so I was super hyped to find out that he was releasing a new single and I was not disappointed! This is super catchy and I loved everything about this. Now, admittedly I prefer when he does things that are perhaps a little bit more raw and slow, like ‘Solider’ or ‘Dancing Shoes’ but for a summer tune this is great!

Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake

Talking of summer tunes, is this not just the perfect summer song. It’s so upbeat and happy and just makes me want to dance every time I hear it. Plus, I love Justin Timberlake so to have some new music from him is great.

The Left Side of the Moon – Zachary Levi

We all know how obsessed I am with everything that Zachary Levi does and this is no exception. I love finding new recordings of things he’s done and I happened to stumble across this gem this month. Its got a lovely jazzy, bluesy feel to it which I absolutely love. This is what I call easy listening music and I would love for him to release a whole jazz album. An idea for you, Mr Levi, perhaps?

Sun Don’t Let Me Down – Keith Urban

I’ve been a fan of Keith Urban for as long as I can remember. I can easily spend days on end listening to his albums on repeat and I wouldn’t get sick of it ever. And this is no exception. It’s very chilled and has a beat that makes me dance in my chair as I type this. While at first I thought it was a bit odd that it featured Pitbull, but after a few listens it really grew on me and I love it.


Chainsaw – Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas has always been a firm favourite in my playlists, whether as Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas And The Administration or on his own. This is one of my favourites from his new solo album. I like that he’s done a more mellow slow song in the midst of all his very poppy dancey music. It reminds me of all the great old school Jonas stuff.

Jeremy Jordan & Andy Mientus – If I Had You 

I kid you not, I have listened to this everyday for the whole month. I love Jeremy Jordan and when I found this video I instantly fell in love. It’s catchy and features the smooth voice of Jeremy Jordan and Andy Mientus. (Both of whom feature in superhero shows which means I’m immediately a fan!) After I’ve listened to this I find myself singing it for the rest of the day and then getting sucked into watching as many videos of the two of them singing and before I know it, it’s five hours later and I’ve not done anything productive!

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