August Favourites.

Carte Noire Latte Macchiato Caramel

Okay, so I may be slightly obsessed with my Tassimo coffee maker but I used to just have hot chocolate or the bog standard Costa Americano. Then I realised they offered more ‘speciality’ coffees. My absolute favourite is the Costa Caramel Latte but they’ve been sold out absolutely everywhere. So I thought I’d give the Carte Noire version a go and I have to say that I’m fairly impressed. While Costa will always be my absolute fave, for this month and until Morrisons decides to get more in stock, these are my go-to coffee at the moment!

Hand in Hand – Lindsay Mendezย 

Now I am a huge fan of musicals and I often to listening to soundtracks from musicals on repeat. I recently found the Kerrigan-Lowdermilk Live album and it has been stuck on repeat all month, I’ve even found my brother humming along to some of tunes. My favourite is by far this one! It has THE catchiest tune ever and I always find myself singing along.

Crazy Ex Girlfriendย 

This! How did I not just on this before. It has everything! Relatable characters, a ton of funnies and musical numbers throughout! The show follows Rebecca who moves from New York to West Corvina after bumping into her old ex from summer camp and everything that comes along with that. The cast is made up of broadway stars so they can all hold a tune and the songs are hilarious. The theme song in itself is super catchy. This is my new favourite show to binge watch and I cannot wait for the new season.

Kiehl’sย Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

I have got the driest hand in the world! (Exaggeration? Maybe.) I’ve never really had dry hands before, and no matter what I’ve tried they just seemed to get even drier and horrible and gross. I then found this at the bottom of my make up drawer and decided to give it a go. And it is fantastic. My hands are so soft and are no longer dry, I really like the slight minty smell it has although my mum said it reminded her of toothpaste! If you’ve got super dry hands, I would definitely recommend this, I literally carry it everywhere now!

Family and friendsย 

This has been a big month in terms of reconnecting with my family and friends. I had a family day out with my two nephews which may have been the best day I’ve had in a very long time and it was lovely to connect with my family in a way I haven’t in a very long time and I’ve realised just how much I’ve missed it and need that in my life. Then one of my best friends came down form Leicester for a visit and after not seeing each other for a few months it was lovely to catch up and just spend some quality time together and just chill. I’ve realised how important it is to keep the people you care about close to you because they help me appreciate every day and they are always there when I need someone to lean on and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

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