Top 10 Favourite Shows.

Gossip Girl

I think this may have been one of the first ‘girly’ TV series’ that I fell in love with. I remember buying the first season on DVD and watching it all within a matter of days and then I stopped watching it. It’s the sort of series that I went through fits and farts with, I would binge watch a few seasons on Netflix and then not watch another episode for months. So it took me a super long time to finish the whole series, but it was so worth it. It has everything you could ever want; drama, love, scandals and clothes. Oh lord the clothes!


I will watch this series until the day I die. I laugh every single time I watch it even though I’ve watched through the whole thing at least a dozen times. Whenever I’m having a rough day or I just need some easy viewing, I will always put Comedy Central on and guaranteed this is on. I love that you can pretty much start anywhere in the series and it will still make sense. Chandler is my spirit animal for sure, I wish I was as fashionable as Rachel but I know that I’m probably as annoying and obsessive as Monica.

The Vampire Diaries/The Originals

I have a love/hate relationship with this show. I loved the first season of The Vampire Diaries but the second one? To me was a bit blah, and I kind of gave up on it. Then I found the books and I adored them! I think I managed to get through the first 4 books within a few weeks. So I decided to give it another try, I powered through and ended up realising it wasn’t too bad. I was sort of over the soppy love story between Elena and Stefan, I really disliked Bonnie and most of the story lines were very slow burners. However, the longer I stuck with it, there was more I ended up liking. I loved the relationship between Elena and Damon, Bonnie in season 4 and 5 is pretty amazing and I really found myself rooting for Caroline and Stefan.

Then we come to the Originals, which I adore. I think it’s a lot darker than TVD and its definitely bold in the moves it makes. We follow the ‘original’ vampires when they try and reclaim the city of New Orleans. I love the story in this, there isn’t a character I dislike and every single season finale has had me blubbering like a baby. The writing is beautiful and, while we are lead to dislike him as the villain in TVD, we learn why Klaus is as dark and twisted as he is and I found myself hoping he’d win every single time. And just a quick mention of Elijah, who may be my favourite person because he is super charming and dashingly handsome and even though he has been betrayed by his family so many times, will stop at absolutely nothing to defend them and keep them safe.

Hells Kitchen

I love Gordon Ramsay. I admire him and respect him and I love everything he’s ever done. I’ve watched every show he’s ever done and loved all of them, but Hell’s Kitchen is by far my favourite. You can really see how dedicated he is to finding and moulding the best chef. Also, he has some amazing one liners that absolutely make my day!

Will & Grace

Okay, so, confession time. I have not completed this series yet. I know! I’m a terrible person. The show ended years ago, so you’d think I’d have caught up by now. But the only time I really watch it, is in the early hours of the morning when it’s on Channel 4. I love everything about this show, the characters, the relationships they have and the humour is so on point, even now! Karen has me in stitches every time I watch this and is easily my favourite character!

Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is something I’ll watch religiously and then suddenly not watch for years and then suddenly have to marathon to catch up. It is so clever and the story lines are fantastic. While I haven’t always enjoyed the characters they have introduced, the majority of them are a win for me. Spencer is by far my favourite, because he’s so clever and nerdy and sometimes I just want to hug him and make all the pain go away. (Yes, I’m aware he’s fictional, thank you very much.) I remember buying the box set of the first five seasons and watching them religiously and then I stopped. Then a few years later I caught up with the season I’d missed and then I stopped. And then last summer I sat down to catch up and realised somehow I was 4 seasons behind and the new season started that October. But somehow I pushed through and managed to catch up in time. It’s not a series I would recommend doing as I did and leaving long gaps between watching because sometimes the story lines are so in depth and intricate that I would forget what had happened before. But for something super witty and so superbly and cleverly written, this Β is the one I typically turn to.

Ugly Betty

Oh Ugly Betty. This was the sort of series that everyone at school would talk about. I used to watch it with my mum every week and would freak out about if I missed an episode. It’s such an empowering show with such a great message for young girls. You don’t have to change who you are to make friends or do well. If you have a dream you can reach it, if only just by believing you can, because sometimes the only person who believes in you, is you. Sometimes I like to pick the series up again because it makes me chuckle and the characters are fantastic. Heres hoping that one day they’ll let us know what Betty’s up to.

Grey’s Anatomy

Yes yes yes. I have been a fan of this show for years now. I can’t even remember when I started watching it, but I have converted many people into fans over the years. I love every single person who is on it, although sometimes it takes a re-watch for them to really grow on me, I’m looking at you Addison. But there is so much heart in this show and you very quickly get invested into the characters and their stories. Although, be warned, there are a fair few deaths in this show so be warned there will also be many tears while watching it.


What a surprise, it’s something that features Zachary Levi. I watched this show when I was going through a bit of a rough patch during my first year of university. It is funny and nerdy and witty and the characters are all extremely loveable. I love the love story in it, because it isn’t shoved in your face during every episode. I really hope that one day we’re told how Chuck and Sarah are doing, heres hoping for a movie!


THIS! I fangirled so so hard over this show. (Okay, I still do.) Sam and Dean are quite possibly my favourite characters from any show ever. I know that’s a pretty hefty claim, but there is so much to love about them, Sam’s a huge closet nerd, Dean is hilarious and there is so so much heart behind the show. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some later seasons that, in my opinion, weren’t as good as the first few seasons, but with the new season that heart is definitely back and the bond between the two brothers is stronger than ever. I promise if you start to watch it and stick it out until the end, you will not regret it.

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