Whats In My Bag – Library Edition.

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I’m not going to lie to you – during my first year I avoided the library like the plague and only step foot inside to print off my assignments. However, I have since learnt what an actual godsend the library can be. I spent a good portion of my second year in the library, whether that was with a group or just on my own but I found that there was no where I worked better. So I thought I’d show you what I end up packing in my bag when I decide to have a little library sesh!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I almost always take my laptop with me because thats where I’ll have my assignments written and I prefer doing work on my laptop than the library computers because I can save everything on my laptop and take it home with me. Plus it’s always hard finding a free computer in the library unless you go at silly o’clock in the morning! But that brings me onto my next essential. CHARGERS! You wouldn’t believe that amount of times I’ve gone to the library and forgotten my chargers and ended up leaving because of a dead laptop and phone. So these are essentials! I always take my purse because, without fail, I will buy multiple hot drinks to help get me through long sessions. That being said I always try to take a snack with me for when I need to have a little break and a little boost. The anit-bacterial gel, lip balm, earphones, and tiny purse filled with my meds and other bits and bobs like hairbands and plasters are bits that I always carry with me.

Yes I know – thats a lot of pens. I may have a slight obsession. I always take a selection because I never know what mood I’m going to be in and I tend to use certain colours for certain sections or when I’m editing! I usually take an assortment of fine liners, felt-tips, highlighters and gel pens!

I always take the notebooks for the subject of work I’m going to be doing because I like to keep all my notes in the same place. Then I’ll take flash cards and post-its to mark important places in books as well as making summary notes. I also take some sticky tabs to help mark chapters that I have to read as well as some colourful tape to help highlight important notes!

Finally I’ll take my diary because I like to able to write down appointments, meetings and assignment dates as soon as I know about them so that I don’t forget about them. I’ll also write in there what reading I need to get done and when I need to get it done by as well as when I need to start working on assignments and work.

So that’s it, that’s everything I take with me when I go to the library. It seems like a lot but I tend to go to the library for a fair few hours at a time so I like to be covered for whatever I might need so that I can settle in for a long session.

Let me know what your library essentials are and whether you take as many pens as I do!

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