What’s In My Bag – October 2016.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I am usually a very big fan of big bags! Usually because I like to fill them with useless things that I’m convinced I may at some point need. (I never do!) However, when I saw this is the shop I found how small it was quite cute. It isn’t so small that you can’t fit in the essentials, but it is definitely not a bag I would use to uni. This one is from New Look for Β£17.99 and can be found here.

First I have my purse, which is also from New Look (I can’t find this one online, but this is a similar one.) and I like that it’s big enough for all of my cards but is still quite slim. Then we have my keys, earphones, a pen because I’m a writer and always make sure I have a pen on me, and since starting my new meds that make me very snacky I tend to try and carry a snack around with me!

That blue folder you can see has all of my medical information in, after far too many trips to the hospital where they have struggled to find my information I realised that carrying my own set of notes helped speed some things up an awful lot. I also tend to carry some sort of lip balm, hand cream and anti-bacterial gel. I particularly like this anti-bac because it doesn’t have a very strong alcoholic smell to it and isn’t sticky. I’m also loving this hand cream because it smells like peppermint which I love and it sinks into the skin very quickly. I also have my soap and glory pouch which holds some meds, hairbands and plasters. I prefer to keep them all in one place so that they don’t get lost in the bottom of my bag and this pouch is the perfect size!

So there you have it, everything that I have in my bag, which is surprising considering I usually like to pack everything but the kitchen sink! What are the essentials you alwaysΒ pack in your bag?

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