What I’m Currently Watching – October 2016.

I absolutely love this time of year – and not just because it’s my birthday month! All my favourite TV shows start up again which unfortunately means that I’ll be struggling to focus on my Uni work for a little while! So I thought I’d let you know about the shows I’m rewatching in anticipation for the new seasons starting soon or which ones have already started and I’m loving.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Okay, so I’m also rewatching this because I’m determined to get my housemate invested in it so I have someone to watch it with when the new season starts again. This show is odd in so many ways and is the sort of thing that you finish watching and then wonder what it is exactly you’ve just watched and then suddenly one day, you find you’ve binge watched the entire series and you need the new one in your life, like yesterday. I’m not sure how to describe this show other than it’s quite eccentric and weird but in an adorable way and it tackles some subjects that are considered taboo in the TV world like mental health and sexuality. Oh, and there’s singing!

Chicago Med

I’m not going to lie to you, but I started watching this show purely because I found out that Colin Donnell was it in. Because, let’s face it, he is a very dreamy man. This is obviously a medical drama, which might be my favourite type of TV show and at first I wasn’t sold. Like I say I was primarily watching it for just one person, but the more I watched I slowly got invested. It’s the sort of show that you can really easily drop in and out of and I often found myself putting it on when I needed to watch something that didn’t require me to actually concentrate too much. I found the first episode of season 2 a little slow for my liking – but I’m going to stick with it, if for nothing else other than being able to see Mr Donnell’s dreamy face!

Greys’ Anatomy

Yes this is another medical drama, what can I say?! Greys’ is probably the longest series that I’ve stuck with with this year being season 13. First thing first, (SPOILERS!) I still miss Derek and stand by that fact that I think something is missing from the show. HOWEVER, that being said I’m slowly getting just as invested as I was before. April and Jackson finally have their baby and I’m hoping that they’ll realise they are both hopelessly in love still. I also love the fact that this series has claimed that it’s going to focus on Meredith and Alex’s relationship more, which I can say has already started to happen and I hope it continues for the rest of time.

The Flash

I’m going to be completely honest with you here – I binge watched both seasons in about a week. I just couldn’t stop watching – I love everyone on it and the storyline is amazing. While I don’t think it’s as gritty as other ‘Superhero’ shows like Arrow for instance, but it does have a slightly darker undertone than I was expecting and I love it. Grant Gustin is just absolutely adorable and I can’t help but smile whenever he does because he may just have the most adorable grin! If you didn’t know this show features Barry Allen who gets struck by lightening and then becomes the fastest man alive. Its hilarious, heart-warming but will sometimes rip your heart from your chest and stamp on it.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

It was actually my brother that got me into this show, before that it was one that I never really paid much attention too because I just didn’t think it would be my cup of tea. Now, don’t get me wrong – it did take me a while to get into it but what I really love about it is that first and foremost its a comedy. I usually find shows like this tend to find themselves a little too seriously and try to force relationships and drama down your throat. This is different, at the core its a comedy about a group of co-workers who are essentially one big dysfunctional family!

Strictly Come Dancing

I love this, its definitely a guilty pleasure of mine! There is just something great about sitting down on a saturday night after dinner, with a cup of tea and watching celebrities try their very best to not fall over their own feet. I would absolutely love to be able to learn to dance like this, but I don’t think I have the patience so I really admire the people that get involved and throw everything they have into it. Plus, some of the contestants are surprisingly very very good.


Featured Image – SpoilerTV

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