My ‘Go-Bag’ – Blogvember 2016.


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So I have something I like to call a ‘go-bag’. After having a few encounters over the summer where I ended up getting admitted to hospital, I found it was much easier to have a bag that was always ready just in case my mum had to go home and grab me a few necessities. It saved her hunting around for them and instead of trying to explain were something was over the phone, she could literally just pick up the bag. So I thought I’d give you a run down of everything I packed because I found it interesting to see what others who packed bags like this chose and I had no idea what to include and what was pointless to pack and posts I read like this really helped.

Probably the most important thing in this whole bag is the little pouch that includes all my hospital documents. I had quite a few occasions where the hospital lost my notes or my file and had no idea, so carrying my own copy around with me helped to speed things up and the doctors were usually very thankful for it. It includes all of my discharge letters for the last year, a list of the medication I’m on as well as some of the previous ones I’ve been on and letters from my consultant about my condition. A charger is something that I never thought about because I never really thought that I’d be in hospital long enough for my phone to die, but on two separate occasions check up appointments ended up with me being admitted. If thats ever happened to you, you’ll know that it usually involves lots of waiting around. I like to take a book just in case I’m in the mood to read which usually doesn’t happen but I pack a book that I’ve been waiting to read for a while but one that hasn’t jumped off my shelf at me, because then I can kind of forget about it in my bag and then I’ll get excited when I see it in there. The other thing I take is a puzzle book. Not only do they help to pass the time, but they keep your brain stimulated. I can tend to be quite slow in the mornings and I find doing some sort of puzle book helps get my brain going. Sitting in a hospital bed or waiting room staring at the walls is no fun, so this tends to keep me occupied.

I always carry a little toiletries bag with me, because I always feel better when I’ve freshened myself up. I usually have a travel toothbrush and toothpaste in here, but I used them when I went to New York in July and seemed to have misplaced them, so this is almost like a reminded that I need new ones. In the same sort of category, I make sure that I carry mouthwash, because if I do, for whatever reason, forget toothpaste at the very least I’m able to freshen my mouth. I take deodorant and wipes because you never know how long you’re going to be in for and there isn’t always a shower that you can easily get to on your ward. Hand lotion, anti-bacterial gel, a hairbrush and lip balm are things that usually tend to be in my handbag but I like to pack these extra ones just in case for some reason I don’t have a handbag with me.

I also like to take some moisturiser with me because I have very dry skin and hospitals tends to dry it out even more, so i usually put some into little pots that I know will tide me over for a while. I like to take sanitary towels, because again you never know when you might end up staying in and while hospitals will of course be stocked to help with that little ladies situation, sometimes it can be embarrassing to ask or you might be like me and only like certain brands. Finally in this little selection is herbal tea. I’m not really allowed to drink regular tea, expect for the odd mug, but I enjoy the comfort a hot drink brings so I often take a few packets of herbal tea because hospitals don’t often have any.

Hospital gowns are by far not the most comfortable of stylish thing to wear during your stay, so I like to avoid it where possible. I always have at least one extra pair of underwear and socks because I know that will cover me for at least a day until I can get more. I always pack a yoga bra because they are so much more comfortable to wear than normal bras and when staying in hospital, comfort is all you strive for. I try and make sure I have a pair of pyjamas packed that are thin but long enough to keep me warm. I tend to overheat very quickly but in the evenings hospitals can get cold very quickly. So although I don’t pack it, I usually get my mum to grab a hoodie for me, just in case I want to pop outside for some fresh air or pop down to the shop. Also, as you can see, I take a pair of thick warm socks because my feet seem to be the part of me that gets coldest the quickest. I’ll also take leggings and a long comfortable top. This, again, is mainly because I want to be comfortable. Chances are even when you get told you’ll be discharged, you’re going to be waiting around for a good few hours to actually be given your paperwork and any medication you need. So comfort is the aim of our game.

If for some reason I’m going to be staying for longer than a night then I usually end up giving my mum a little list of extra things to bring with her, such as my laptop and a pillow from my bed. But this is the basics that I pack with me ready for a sudden sleep over at the hospital. Do you have a ‘go-bag’, if so what do you always make sure to pack. If not, would you ever consider doing it? Let me know in the comments down below!


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