M&S Gluten Free Lasagne Review.

I love a good lasagne. Key word being good. Being such a simple dish I think it’s incredibly easy to get wrong, but get it right and boy is it amazing. I’m a sucker for anything Italian or pasta based, and 90% of my restaurant orders are lasagne. Mostly though, I’m a bit naughty and if I can’t be bothered to cook, I’ll grab a ready-made one.

However, I’ve found since going gluten-free, I’ve been quite disappointed on the lasagne front. Sainsburys and Tesco I found were both a bit lacklustre and don’t even get me started on the one from Kirsty’s ready meals! (You can read all about my thoughts in this previous post.)

I was just about to give up when I stumbled across the M&S one in their Two Dine for £10 offer and I couldn’t just leave it there. And finally my faith has been restored! I honestly don’t think you’d know that this was gluten-free at all, it’s the closet thing I’ve tasted to a proper lasagne ever. The pasta has just the right amount of bite to it and isn’t too sloppy, the cheese sauce actually tastes like cheese sauce and we all know I’m a cheese fiend but I was very happy with it. As much as you can’t really see in the picture, I promise there were actual layers and they were filled with just the right amount of meat and sauce. I don’t think anything is going to live up to this, but I know where I’ll be going if I can’t be bothered to cook dinner now.

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