Canvas From Photowall Review*.

I was emailed a little while back by the lovely people at Photowall asking if I wanted to review a product. Now anyone who knows me will know that I’m a sucker for a good canvas or print. When I had a look at their website I was actually super surprised at the range of prints they offered. From cartoon and Disney characters to quotes and scenic pictures.

I’m currently attempting to put some more prints up above my desk so I thought that this would be a great start. The website is so clear and easy to use, which makes choosing your print and ordering it a really easy task.  You simply choose the print you want, or you even have the option to upload your own picture, then decide if you want it to come on its own or with a frame you can assemble yourself, choose the edging you want and the size and hey presto you’re done.

I chose to have this print and I decided to get it with the frame. I really like the fact you can choose what size you want, I too often find something I like only for it to be too big or small for where I want to put it. Once it had been ordered, the delivery was super quick and it was packaged really well. I was really happy with the quality of the print, it was print on a really nice thick material and the print itself looked great. When I saw the pieces of the frame, I’ll admit I was a little worried, but the instructions were clear enough that I was able to assemble it without any real problems. The only thing I’d think needs improvement, is having a picture that shows you more clearly which way around you have to attach the frame parts because I had to read it so many times, and even got my mum’s help, before I really got it. (Although, this could have just as much been my own problem because I am the least crafty/DIY savvy person in the world.)

I really loved the fact there were no small screws or a million screwdrivers you had to use, you simple placed the bracket over the holes, put the screws in and turn. Even I could do that, so I’m sure you’ll be fine too! I was a little worried about the part where you have to turn the frame inwards so you can screw the parts together, because I had visions of the print not staying attached and then I’d panic, but amazingly it didn’t. Which leads me to a slight word of caution, when you take the tape off the wood to reveal the glue, it is very sticky, so once you’ve applied it, I’d say there is very little chance of you being able to take it off to start again, so bear that in mind.

Once the screws were all in place, it was done. Super easy and honestly quick to do. I’ll definitely be ordering from this website again, I’ve already picked out a few canvas’ that I want for my wall. With an easy to use website, quick delivery, quick assembly and a great customer service team, honestly it couldn’t be easier to decorate your home with a few new canvas’ in the new year.

*This post contains something that was gifted, but all thoughts, opinions and pictures are my own.


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