The Road So Far: A Supernatural Convention?

Yes, a Supernatural convention! I know, who would have thought that little old me would end up at a convention. I thought they only happened in America and occasionally Europe and I never thought I was cool enough to go. So November 24th rolls around, I was at work, probably scrolling through twitter because who doesn’t? And I saw someone mentioning it, so I thought I’d just give it a little google then lo and behold, the Creation website made all my dreams come true. May 4-6th 2018, Birmingham, Supernatural Convention. I’m pretty sure those were the exact words I texted my mum while trying to control my squeal of excitement because I was at work and didn’t need them to think I was loopy.

Lets rewind about 5 years, it’s the summer before I start university and I’ve decided to watch the pilot of this show called Supernatural that I know absolutely nothing about other than its got that dude that dies is Greys Anatomy in. 40 minutes later, the Winchester brothers had work to do and I was hooked. I marathonedΒ as much as I could before Uni started and then continued to watch it throughout my first year. My love affair with Supernatural doesn’t start like a typical love story though, I stopped keeping up to date and didn’t watch an episode for years, honestly I kind of forgot about it because I had new things to work on, like Uni and friends and participating in societies. Supernatural was at the back of my mind for years. When I did pick it up again, I think it was more out of obligation because I like to see things through and I realised how behind I was, so again I stormed my way through a good few series. But as time went on and I caught up to the newer series’, I started really taking in what this show was giving out, family. A complicated love story about two brothers, who just love each other and their family so fiercely and so unforgivingly, I fell back in love and I haven’t missed an episode since.

This year has been really difficult for me, for a number of reasons that I won’t bore you with. But one day when I was laying in bed, not able to bring myself to get up and face the day, I re-watched the pilot. And it was like coming back home. Somehow, it meant so much more than before. More than I can describe in words. I was about halfway through my rewatch, season 6 to be exact, when I found out about the convention. And I needed it. This was the first thing in a really long time that made sense to me, that I just knew I needed to do. Everything else had kind of just been a blur, going through the motions because that’s just what you have to do to keep going. So I did it, three days after I found out about it, I was paid and I spent pretty much all of my wages on a Silver Weekend ticket. I spent the next few days trying to justify it to people, but in the end I realised I shouldn’t have to, knowing that this was something that made me more happy than I had been in months should be enough. And it was. People understood, albeit not fully, but they recognised how happy I was and that was all they needed. When I told my mum, at first she found it ridiculous how much money it cost, and then she realised how much it meant to me and I explained to her that the thought of making a journey to a city I’d never been to before, to meet and stay with people I’ve never met, both of which would normally make me cripple with anxiety, didn’t faze me. Not one bit. It didn’t bother me because the excitement outweighed the anxiety. That’s not to say there won’t be any, I in no way think this is going to be an anxiety free weekend, but I don’t care because it’s worth it. This family is worth it. It hasn’t even happened yet and I already know it’s going to easily be one of the best things to happen to me this year.

Dressing appropriately in a check shirt the day I brought my ticket…

And what was even more exciting than that, was that I found a place in the SPNFamily when I didn’t think there was one. It’s amazing what coming together because of this shared interest and passion can do. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever felt so accepted and able to be myself around people before and I honestly can’t wait until I’m able to meet these people I consider family in real life.Β I’ve never felt so a part of a community in such a small amount of time, but I guess that’s kinda what the SPNFamily is all about, isn’t it? Being accepted and welcomed with open arms? Loving because at the end of the day loving people is the only thing we can really do during the hard times?

So enough of the chick-flick bits, let’s get down to business. I’ve paid for a silver ticket, which gets me into all the panels bar one, autographs and the concert on Saturday night. I’ve paid for my hotel room, which I’m sharing with a few other girls. And I’ve paid for a photo-op with Jensen Ackles because, hello, have you seen that man? So what’s left to do? I’m going to get my train tickets next month and I’m also planning on getting a J2, Jared, Rich and Rob photo-op. (My bank account already hates me!) Why am I blogging about this you might ask? For the experience? To help better document it? To try and use it as a way to let some of the extreme excitement out? Well all of the above really. Whenever I’ve written something on this blog, it’s been because I want other people to read and enjoy it, and as much as I’d love people to read this little series I’m doing, that isn’t why I’m doing it. I’m doing it for me. So that I can have a place to go and remember how great the last few months were as well as how fantastic the months to come will be, and there is nothing wrong with that.

The next four months are going to be the most giddy, anxious but exciting of my life I’m sure. And I honestly can’t wait. So to help pass the time, and document my trip (because I know it’ll be one I won’t want to forget too quickly) I’ll be doing a few posts here and there, letting you know how I’m getting ready, what I’m packing, how I’m going to control myself around the Ackles and not cry in front of the Padalecki (I think the answer is that I probably won’t on both counts).Β I honestly cannot think of a more exciting way to work through the next few months, because they’re gonna feel like the longest four months of my life, I can assure you of that. Oh the things we do for family!


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