Favourite Switch Games So Far.

So you may have heard somewhere, possibly from a friend that I am a little obsessed with my Switch. I know shocker! I’ve done a whole post about my thoughts so you can check that out here. In my opinion, I do think that it can feel a little bit like you’re drowning in the amount of physical as well as E-shop games that are on offer. So I thought I’d would let you know which games I would recommend to any first-time switcher in the hopes that you spend your hard-earned money on a game that’s worth it.

Now I am definitely a collector (read: hoarder) so I love buying games to add to my shelf. Admittedly, I don’t have the biggest collection, but I don’t think that is a bad thing. Every game is carefully selected and being someone who would only spend £40 on a game that she really wanted, you can trust that if I say I like a game, I LIKE the game. I’ll be the first to moan about something I’ve spent that kind of money on that doesn’t live up to my expectations.

The most obvious one on this list is Super Mario Odyssey. Obviously. I don’t think I’ve seen one bad review about this game in the just over a year it’s been out. While it wasn’t the first game I bought when I got my switch, it was the first one I pre-ordered and I was super hyped on release day. It’s the kind of game that is great no matter what level of gamer you are. Whether you just play for the story and do the bare minimum or if you’re a completionist and spend hours every after you finished it collecting things, it’s not a game you get easily bored of playing time and time again.

While I haven’t fully completed this game, I have completed the story play through. And I honestly loved it. I found myself not able to put my switch down and pumping hours upon hours into it at a time. I loved the additional challenges for additional moons. I loved exploring new worlds and knowing I could go back and there would still be more for me to do when it was time to move on. In the months since completing it, I have picked it up many a time and spent an hour as well as 20 minutes grabbing more moons. The controls are easy yet you sometimes have to really think about how you’re going to make a certain jump or complete a certain challenge. Could it be better? I don’t really think so, this is a game I still pick up time and time again and know I will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Time for a game that I, admittedly, have not spent much time on. Or at least that’s how it feels. Lego Marvel Super Heros 2 is, in theory, a game I really wanted to sink my teeth into. Realistically there isn’t anything about it that I shouldn’t like. So, what’s put me off finishing the game I hear you ask? How long it takes to really get into it. Couple that with the fact that the storyline is a little bit meh and 90% of the time, I’ve either forgotten whats going on or I’m just not sure why it’s happening.

That being said, I have really enjoyed what I have played of it and what I’ve seen of it. It looks as though once we enter into the more open world gameplay, it’ll be a game that I play non-stop. So why should you play it? It’s fun and an easy play, the controls aren’t too hard to get your head around and the challenges and quests are enjoyable and easy enough to complete. As I say the only downside for me, is how long it takes to really get going and to start with I don’t enjoy the backward and forwards of the setting. For me, I prefer a game to be very linear and have a story from the get-go to excite me. Had it been an open world from the jump, I think I would have definitely finished it by now. So while I haven’t had my fingers glued to my console to play this game in a while, it’s definitely going to be most other people’s cup of tea, and I am determined to finish it.

Snipperclips is something I just had to talk about. I don’t have many ‘party’ games on my switch, purely because I am much more of a solo gamer. That being said this has very quickly become one of my favourites that I always crack out when we have family gatherings or friends around.

It’s ridiculously easy to get your head around the controls, however, some of the challenges may have you pulling your hair out. It’s a game that requires you to work with your partner to achieve a goal. Whether that be getting a basketball through the hoop or cutting each other to fit a certain shape, you’ll no doubt find yourself both frustrated yet having the best time. Honestly, a few friends and I spent hours playing it and had an amazing time. Hours of fun for as little as £20, it was definitely worth every penny.

And last, but certainly not least, Crash Bandicoot: The N’sane Trilogy. I was absolutely buzzed when I found out that this was being brought to the switch. I had been praying it would ever since the remaster had been announced. And I am happy to report that it does not disappoint.

Having grown up playing the original trilogy, I was excited about the remaster. I’ve always wanted a new Crash game, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about something that was essentially exactly the same game that just looked a little better. But honestly, not only does it look great, it’s still a fantastic play. I pre-ordered it as soon as it was announced at the Nintendo Direct and literally counted down the days until it was posted through my letterbox. The controls are stupidly easy to get, although I still get frustrated when you’re obviously on the edge of a platform and fall off, but trust me it’s not half as bad as the original games were. It looks fantastic, it runs so smoothly and I love that I have all three games in one place. Whether you want it for the nostalgic factor or whether you’re just after a new platformer, I urge you to pick this up, you’re getting three games for the price of one, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy it!

What are your favourite Switch games? Are there any that you can’t wait to get your hands on? Or even that you’d love to see released on the Switch? Let me know in the comments.

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