Games I want on the switch

Talking about my Switch again? Shocker I know! But I thought instead of talking about why I love it and what my current favourite games are, I’d talk about the games I’m PRAYING come to the Switch sometime in the very near future. I’ve been more than happy with my fill of Switch games over the last year, but I’ll be honest with you, there were a few announcements I was wishing so hard for that didn’t happen. But my fingers are crossed super tight that one day in the very near future these games will be ported over to the Switch.

Yoshi’s Wolly World.

I’ve been waiting patiently for this one to be announced since the Switch was. I loved playing this game on the 3DS and I was sure that it was going to ported over fairly soon after the Switch was released. Clearly, I’m still waiting! Then we saw the announcement for a new Yoshi game, that looks pretty damn good in its own right, with some very reminiscent feels from Wolly World. I just feel like it makes so much sense if they’d port the game over before the new Yoshi one was released.

Tomb Raider

I’m thinking that it’s about time we got some mainstream action games in the Switch market. I’ve played some of Tomb Raider on the Xbox One and I’ll be honest, I was blown away. How amazing would it be to play a game that looks that beautiful and then be able to pick it up and play it on the go? I know that I would for sure put a tonne of hours into this, and with the new TR game coming out soon, now would be a perfect time to port the previous two games over.


Uncharted is a fantastic game, and if you haven’t you need to play it. I love the story, the characters and the gameplay, which is odd considering I’m very much not a point and hoot gamer. It’s not overly fancy, although the landscapes look beautiful and the story is simple to follow with enough flesh and guts to keep you enticed. With no new game seemingly on the way, there is still an awful lot of love for this series and I’d love to see how it’d perform on the Switch. Definitely, another one that I would throw myself into until I’d fully completed it.

Kingdom Heart

Now, this couldn’t possibly not be on this list. Quite possibly one of my favourite game franchises of all time, I was incredibly sad when it wasn’t announced for the Switch at E3. Kingdom Hearts is a game I’ve adored since I first played it on the PS2. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve no idea what’s going on at least 70% of the time because the storyline is so convoluted and more often than not confuses more than explains what’s happening, but I love it. It mostly went from strength to strength with each game (let’s not mention re:coded or Dream Drop) with my favourite being KH2 and Birth by Sleep. The fact that KH3 has been announced on Xbox, the first time we’ve had it on a console other than the DS and PlayStation, as well as getting the Final Mixes released on there too, I think it’s ridiculous this hasn’t been announced for the Switch yet. Honestly, if it was announced right now, I’d throw all my money at it just to get my hands on a copy.

Which games are you hoping to see eventually get released on the Switch, or maybe your wish has already been granted, let me know in the comments below.

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