What I’ve Loved In 2018.

There's a load of things that I've really liked this year some of which are things I already talked about on my blog. But I thought I would compile everything into one big post for all the things I have loved throughout the year of 2018. Books Turtles all the way down - John GreenI've … Continue reading What I’ve Loved In 2018.

Planning my 2019

I've thought a lot about the things I want to achieve next year. 2018 was a good stepping stone for me, got a full time job, did some exploring with some best pals and realised what it really means to be happy and content. But 2019 is the year I want to make things happen, … Continue reading Planning my 2019

Christmas Films I’ve Already Watched.

In my mind, it is never too early for a Christmas film. Whether it's a classic I've watched for the past god knows how many years, or something I've stumbled upon on the Christmas24 channel, I will happily watch any Christmas film. The good and the bad. And when it finally gets to my favourite … Continue reading Christmas Films I’ve Already Watched.