Muscle Memory – A Spoken Word Poem.

Sometimes I feel like I am losing you,
Like you are slipping through my fingers,
Like you are taking back the parts of my heart
You had once branded as your own,
You will not stay long enough to stitch up the cuts,
I would not ask you to.
Sometimes I feel like I am losing you,
Like you are a record that has started to skip,
I know it will not last long much longer
Until the tune is unrecognisable,
I continue to play it anyway.
Keep changing the time on the clock,
Setting it back a few minutes
Just to try and buy some more time with you.
You are my favourite mistake,
All I want to do is relive that moment
Again and again,
Warm hands on cold skin,
Gasps with every touch
You make me feel alive.
Made me feel alive.
And the smile,
Oh that smile
Makes me forget about tomorrow.
I forget everything else
All I understand is you and I
In this very moment,
So close our breath entwines
Hearts beating the same rhythm
I can do this
I understand this.
Your fingers trace my sides,
Like muscle memory.
Like this moment has been engraved
Into our memory from the very beginning.
I run my fingers through your hair,
Like muscle memory.
My fingers twine through it
Like breeze through grass,
My fingers feel at home here.
Our lips find each other,
Like muscle memory.
Soft and hard all at once
I couldn’t ask for more
But if I could I’d want more time.
More time to be together
Bodies so close your warmth surrounds me like a blanket,
I have not stopped thinking about it since you left.
The last breath we exchange
Is deep and heavy.
I close my eyes,
Savour the goosebumps that litter my skin,
The only indication you were ever here.
Hands grasp air.
Fingers twitch.
Eyes open.
Your back retreats,
Hair perfectly intact,
Hands buried so deep into pockets
They could not touch skin
Even if they wanted to.


Featured Image – padhokhelo

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