SourcedBox – June 2016.

SourcedBox is a monthly box delivered to your door full of healthy snacks. The snacks included in the box are free from refined sugars and additives and range from nuts to granola to chocolate. Each box, in my opinion, come with more than enough snacks to get you through the month. The June box contains 10 snacks from a multitude of different brands, some of which I’d never heard of before but will definitely be looking into repurchasing from.

Squirrel Sisters – Raspberry Ripple £2.49
Now, there were actually two bars in this little box but I ended up eating one before the picture was taken. And let me tell you it was damn good! I really like fruit bars like this and often reach for them when I’m on the go. I love that you really get the crunch from the nuts and can really taste the goji berries, while a flavour I wouldn’t necessarily have picked it was extremely good and I would definitely like to try the other bars.

Pana Chocolate – Sour Cherry and Vanilla bar £3.20
This is the cutest little chocolate bar I’ve ever seen. I was surprised by how soft this bar was and not in an ‘left-in-the-sun’ sort of way. Now I wasn’t a massive fan of this but mainly because of how dark the chocolate was. However for those who do like dark chocolate I can imagine this would definitely be down your street. I loved the flavour of the sour cherry but would have liked a slightly stronger hint of vanilla.

Primrose’s Kitchen – Orange and Cashew Granola £6.95
I really like granola and have eaten it for as long as I can remember so I was excited to see this little pot inside of my box. I loved the cashews in this and the hint of orange was super nice. I will definitely be buying a full box of this to add to my breakfast granola collection.

Nom – Cacao and Raspberry bar £19.08 (Box of 12)
This was by far one of the messiest things in the box. They remind me of a flapjack but much much drier which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you take one bite and you have crumbs EVERYWHERE! Unless you take a bite into one of the dried raspberries, there really isn’t much of a raspberry taste. Saying that I do enjoy the subtle chocolate taste, if it had been much stronger I think it would have been a bit too overpowering. While in a pinch I’d definitely reach for these, but I have bars that I’d prefer to grab.

Munchy Seeds – Chilli Bites 80p
Now due to my diet I’m not really allowed to eat seeds or things high in fibre, but I did have a small hand full of these. On their own they were a bit boring but in a salad or something they may be better. I also quite liked the chilli taste, it wasn’t too strong or spicy, and was more of an aftertaste that slowly crept up on you.

What A Melon – Watermelon Water £38 (18 Cartons)
Now I had my reservations about this because I don’t particularly like coconut water. However I was pleasantly surprised! This is super refreshing and while I wouldn’t drink a whole carton, I would love to put this in smoothies or use it to make ice-lolly’s.

Raw Ecstasy – Maple Syrup Activated Almonds £4.30
I didn’t mind these, but I wasn’t their biggest fan. They left on odd aftertaste which I couldn’t really place. I would have preferred a stronger maple syrup coating on the almond but that may just be me. While I wont be keeping these on my desk as a quick snack, I’m going to try putting them in a smoothie like the packet suggests.

Nothing But – Mange Tout and Red Pepper Snack £1.29
The first thing that hit me with these was the smell. It wasn’t the worst, but it certainly wasn’t the best. As for taste? The only thing I can compare them to, is paper and styrofoam. Sorry SourcedBox but I definitely won’t be picking these up again and I’d be surprised if anyone else will either.

Mightybee – Spicy BBQ Coconut Jerky £34 (12 pack)
This was odd, but a good odd I think. The spicy BBQ flavouring overtook any coconut taste I was worried about, but not in a bad way. It wasn’t too spicy either, which was good because I don’t tend to deal well with spicy foods. The texture was a little bit weird but definitely something I could get used to. Its the sort of snack I can imagine putting on my desk and constantly reaching for. I’ll definitely be looking into grabbing some of the other flavours.

Snact – Apple, Blueberry and Banana Fruit Jerky £4.50 (5 pack)
Now I’m not sure what it is about these, but I rather enjoyed these. I’d definitely throw these in my bag in case I needed a quick snack, that being said the apple is very overpowering and you’d never guess they have blueberries or bananas in. They remind me of a healthier, chewier version of a fruit winder (remember those?!), I’ll definitely be trying the other flavours.


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