Come Back To Me – A Spoken Word Poem.

If you would just come back to me, love
Is not just a four letter word to me, love
Is the way you make me fall over my own feet
In the hope that you would catch me, love
Is how I think I might have a heart attack
Every time you smile, love
Is making you laugh
So I can see you smile
I do not care about the heart ache
I do not care about the awkward pauses
Or the emptiness of your room
I worry that if you stare too long
You will find something
I have tried so hard to hide
That if I let your touch linger too long
You will feel the dents and the puncture wounds
They have not healed properly yet
I don’t think they ever will
I worry one day you will not smile
That I will fall flat because your arms will not catch me
That you might one day find yourself
Humming the tune to a record
You do not even know the words to
That was our song
I worry that you have started to picture the future without me
I think you are happier there


Featured Image – padhokhelo

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