Can We? – A Spoken Word Poem.

Can we just skip to the good part?
The part where you trace my body like a map with your tongue.
Can we skip to early morning cuddles
Under the covers
Filled with last night’s secrets?
Can we skip to not being able to live without you?
To feeling the weight of your hands on my skin
Even when you’re not there.
To the ‘I don’t think you’ve ever looked happier’.
To the ‘its because he makes me happy’.
Can we move to the part
Where you hold me tight
So you know I’m still breathing.
Where you hold me tight
So I know I’m still alive.
The part where waking up in the morning
Isn’t an effort anymore,
Isn’t a chore anymore.
Or to the part where I walk around
In nothing but your shirt,
Just to see the look in your eyes.
Can we skip to the part
Where being with you is easy?
To where I feel whole again?
Where life feels complete again?
Can we?


Featured Image – padhokhelo

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