July Favourites

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – Tortola

I absolutely love this!! It came in June’s Cohorted Beauty Box and was by far my favourite item in the box. At first I wasn’t sure it would be the one for me. When I swatched it, it was a scary brown, not a colour I would typically reach for. However, it looks amazing on the lips, its definitely a nude-brown but isn’t as scary as I originally thought. It goes on the lip incredibly smoothly and is super pigmented, one swipe and you’ve got a beautiful colour. Even though it’s matte, it doesn’t dry my lips out to which I thank the heavens above. It also stands the test of time, I can quite happily wear this all day, including when I’m eating and drinking, and it would require very few touch ups. This is definitely the lip product I have been reaching for all month and can see myself to continue to throughout August.

A Court of Thorns and Roses – Sarah J. Maas


I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve been stuck in a bit of a reading slump the last few months that I have tried incredibly hard to get out of and I think this book may have helped me do just that! I’ve heard many many good things about Maas, and actually own a few of her books but had yet to delve into them. Now I’m only about 100 pages in, but I absolutely love it! Its filled with magic and fantasy plus the cover is gorgeous, I can hardly put it down!

The Flash


Yes I’m late to the party I know! I’m sorry! I did actually start watching this series when it first came out but for some reason I just sort of stopped and then it got to the point where I was too far behind to catch up. But where I’ve not been well I’ve had the perfect excuseΒ to finally watch it. I’ve slowly been chipping away at it, watching a few episodes here and there and I’ve just started Season 2. Grant Gustin is absolutely adorable and I’m a massive Barry-Iris shipper. If you want something filled with superhero’s, humour and a bit of romance, this is definitely the one.

M&S Iced Buns

Okay so I may or may not have gone into M&S specifically to get these. They are one of my favourite indulgences. I love the fact they have raspberry jam in the middle, they are incredible! If you can get your hands on them, I definitely suggest giving them a try.

Gavin DeGraw – She Sets The City On Fire


I love love love LOVE Gavin DeGraw, he may just be one of my favourite artists ever. I’ve seen him live and he is absolutely incredible and when I heard that he was releasing a new single, I was ecstatic. This song is the perfect summer song, its upbeat and catchy. I’ve been playing it non-stop since it released and even my brother sings along now!

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