My Favourite Spoken Word Poems.

I have loved spoken word for as long as I can remember! I have a YouTube playlist that has near on 300 videos of Spoken Word poem that I love. I can easily get sucked in and before I know it, I’ve watched three hours worth of videos and I’ve been super unproductive, but it’s always worth it because afterwards I always feel so inspired. So I’ve decided to compile my absolute favourites to share with you in the hopes of more people being able to appreciate the art of spoken word. Enjoy!

Sarah Kay – If I Should Have A Daughter

Phil Kaye – Beginning, Middle & EndΒ 

Sabrina Benaim – Explaining My Depression To My Mum

Jeanann Verlee – Unsolicited Advice to Adolescent Girls with Crooked Teeth and Pink Hair

Rudy Francisco – A Lot Like You

Guante – Ten Responses to the Phrase ‘Man Up’

Charlotte Higgins – Auto-Complete

Rives – If I Controlled the Internet

Rives – MockingbirdΒ 

Matt Mason – Notes for my Daughters Against Chasing Storms



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