SourcedBox – September 2016.

I’ve done a few of these reviews before but for anyone who doesn’t know, SourcedBox is a monthly box delivered to your door filled with snacks and treats to try. They tend to always be suitable for vegetarians, or are gluten-free and free from added sugars or preservatives. I haven’t yet had a box that hasn’t impressed me and I’m excited to try everything in this months box.

Bilberry & Lingonberry Birch Water – Tapped £37.50 (15 bottles)
I was very dubious about this, I kinda felt like there was so much hype about it that I wouldn’t like it but I was wrong. This has a really nice taste to it, even though I have no idea what a bilberry or lingonberry is supposed to taste like. I also found it tasted very fresh, but that may have just been because it was supposed to. But I thought it was very refreshing and on a hot day would definitely do the job to quench your thirst. However considering the price, I think I’m going too stick to the waters out of my taps.

Rhubarb and Ginger Tea – Teapigs £3.99 (15 teabags)
I love herbal tea, but this isn’t my favourite. I’m not sure what it is about it that I don’t like about it, but I wasn’t a fan of the smell so I think that put me off from the get go. I usually really enjoy tea that has ginger in but this one didn’t really have enough in for my taste. That being said, I have had other flavours from the Teapigs range and have really enjoyed them, so I feel this one just wasn’t for me.

Quinoa Sprinkles – Louola’s Superfood £7.50
I’ve yet to try these, but I can’t wait to try these on my cereal. I think it’ll give it a bit f extra crunch and obviously has nutritional benefits too. After looking on the website, they do a few different flavours and they even do a selection of trying pots similar to the one I received, which I think is a great idea!
Green Raisin and Bareberries Promix – Wyldsson £10.99
I had a handful of these, and really enjoyed the taste! They reminded me a little of the Whitworths Shots which are a very similar concept. Although these seemed to have a better ratio of nut – fruit than the Whitworths. I’m not allowed to eat a lot of nuts, so these will last me ages as a little snack or sprinkled over cereal.

Berry The Rage Bar – Hangry Food Co. £10 (box of 6)
I unfortunately couldn’t eat this but I gave it to my mum to try and while she liked it, she prefers the Naked bars. It wasn’t as fruity as she imagined and was a little bit too nutty. She’d be open to trying a different flavour but the Naked bars still stand victorious in our house.

Wild Orange Bar – Pana Chocolate £3.20
Okay so I’m not really sure how I felt about these. They were a bit too soft for my liking and left an odd aftertaste in my mouth. However, I gave my mum the other square and she really liked it, so I think it maybe wasn’t sweet enough or didn’t have a strong enough orange taste for my liking.

Oat & Bilberry Cookies – The Beginnings
I just have to say that I love the little box these come in. I’m definitely a sucker for pretty packaging, I’m terrible when I go shopping because I’ll get sidetracked and end up picking up things that look pretty. These were a it confusing at first, they sort of reminded me of flapjacks but had the texture of a buttery biscuits. Being completely honest, I loved them. I’ve been gluten-free for a few months now and have struggled finding gluten-free biscuits that weren’t dry or just taste a bit stale, but these are my definite new number one choice. I couldn’t find a UK website for these, and I haven’t seen them around anywhere, so hopefully I’ll find where to buy them soon because I need to put in a huge order!

Chocolate Halo Thins – Sweet Virtues £3.95
Now I don’t usually like dark chocolate, but these are amazing! They are incredibly thin (obviously Taylor, read the name again) so they feel like a cheeky little snack. I can imagine after too many that I’d start to feel a little sick, but I think they’d be the perfect snack while watching a movie and having a little evening snack. I got the yerba mate and lemon ones, I have to say they don’t taste much like lemon to me and I’m not sure what yerba mate is but I think I like it!

Banana Crisps – Emily Fruit Crisps £1.49
So you know what I was saying about pretty packaging? This definitely fits the bill. How lovely do these look? No I have had banana crisps before and quite enjoyed them, so I felt like these were always going to be a winner. And I was right. These are awesome as just a little snack on the go or I think they would be amazing as a cereal topping.

Salted Caramel Bliss Balls – Halo Wholefoods £4.95 (1 bag of 6 balls)
I didn’t like these at all. I’ve yet to find a protein ball that I like, these were just too nutty for my liking! I also didn’t find they tasted like salted caramel in the slightest which was the biggest let down. But I’m still going to keep searching for a protein ball that I, at the very least, don’t mind. If you have any suggestions, leave me a comment and let me know, I’m all ears.

Coconut Oil – Cocofina £9.48 (12 Sachets)
When I first saw this in the box I was a little confused. But when I found the recipe card at the bottom of the box it made much more sense. The recipe card is for a ‘Japanese Mushroom Miso Hot Pot’ from Niomi Smart’s new cookbook Eat Smart and they’ve included the coconut oil to encourage you to get the the rest of the ingredients. It looks absolutely divine and I cannot wait to try it.

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