SourcedBox – October 2016.

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Another month, another SourcedBox. I won’t lie to you, I didn’t enjoy this months as much as last months but I enjoyed it all the same! There were some definite highlights, most notably the biscuits.

Organic Matcha Bar Cacao & Goji – Rawcha £35.79 (Box of 20)

I quite liked this one! You could really taste the goji berry in it which I loved! However there are other snack bars I prefer for, for example the Nakd bars. That being said, I’d quite like to try the other flavours and see what they are like too! This was by far my favourite snack bar in the box.

Raw Organic Coconut Mylk Dark Chocolate – Loving Earth £1.46 (30g)
I’m usually not a fan of dark chocolate but I really enjoyed this. The fact it was in the shape of a heart was cute too. I’m glad that it didn’t have a hugely overpowering taste of coconut milk because I don’t really enjoy the taste of it, that being said it had just enough to but through the bitterness that you usually get with dark chocolate.

Ooh-la-la Tea Biscuits Chocolate Hazelnut – Rhythm 108 £12 (Box of 12)
These may have been my favourite thing in the box this month. They were thin and crispy, and tasted amazing. They were definitely just right for a little snack dunked into tea as an afternoon pick me up.

The Pumpkin – Rude Health 99p
Now, I’m usually not a huge fan of pumpkin flavoured things but this I can get on board with. It was overpowering and as silly as it sounds, didn’t taste like a health bar. Sometimes you can get a health bar that you bite into and immediately know that you’re eating something good for you. But this was just flat out good that I didn’t care either way.

Vanilla Choc Chip Protein Snack – Pulsin £13.59 (case of 9)
So, this was supposedly meant to taste like cookie dough, however, I didn’t get that. It was too powdery for my liking and was very thick for a snack bar, I found. I really didn’t like this but after having a little browse on the website and seeing the other flavours, I’m quite keen to try some of the other ones.

West African Peanuts – Chika’s £7.75 (45g)

Now, I’m not a huge fan of peanuts, so I’m not really sure what the hype is with these but as far as I can tell they tasted quite nice for a bag of peanuts. I assume from the price and packaging that they are perhaps more expensive than your bog standard peanuts, but flavour wise I couldn’t taste the difference. That being said, I liked the clean cut design and packaging!

Popcorn Tomato Pesto – Nom £29.80 (20 bags)

I really liked these! I’ve been on a bit of a popcorn hype lately, it’s my go to snack but typically I just go for the normal salted variety. However, these are delicious. When I saw the flavour I really wasn’t sure and honestly, the smell wasn’t all too appetising either. But, I was pleasantly surprised with them. They are obviously more of a savoury snack and if I wanted to treat myself I’d be tempted to pick up these and I’m determined to try the other flavours to see if they are as good too.

Beetroot Velvet – Raw £4.45
Now, I didn’t eat these. Mainly because I absolutely can’t stand beetroot. If there was one food that I could erase from the entire world, it would be beetroot. Normally, I would try most anything, but even the smell of this put me off. If you’ve tried it, please do let me know and tell me if I need to get a grip and just try it because I’m missing out on something amazing!

Raw Bites Ginger & Spirulina – Bioglan £1.99
I’m sorry to say that I just couldn’t enjoy this. I liked the ginger part of it, and the fact that there were actual big chunks of Ginger in them but that’s about as far as it goes. The texture was odd to me and I didn’t particularly enjoy the smell or the flavour for that matter. I definitely won’t be picking these up again!

Cherry and Acai Drink – Cape £19.00 (Pack of 12)
Now I didn’t get a chance to try this because I left it in my mum’s fridge and now I’m back at uni. That being said, I can make a pretty good assumption that I would have liked it. I typically like drinks like this and the fact that they have a very subtle hint of flavour to them. However, I try not to drinks that are carbonated because they tend to upset my stomach. But I will still be trying this as soon as I go and visit my mum.





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