5 Things You Should Know About Me + Blogvember 2016.

As much as love writing and blogging, whileย getting back into the swing of things at university I’ve let it slide a little bit. It isn’t that I haven’t had any ideas because I’ve got a notebook full of them, but with the amount of writing and reading I have to do on my course, when I have a spare moment to sit down with my laptop, I just can’t bring myself to get stuck in.

So, as a way to try and rectify this, I’ve decided to do Blogvember. I will be posting every other day throughout November, starting today and ending on the 29th. That means I’m going to have to be on the ball to deliver 15 posts that at least makes some sort of sense! I’m looking forward to the challenge and I’m hoping that it will help me get back into the swing of blogging. Who knows maybe it’ll even lead to me doing Blogmas, we all know that I can talk about christmas until the cows come home. Now onto the fun bit, here are 5 things I think you should know about me.

1. I hate being late

I absolutely hate being late and hate when other people are late. I just don’t understand how people can happily turn up 15 minutes after an agreed time. I’m one of those people who like to turn up 10 minutes early to everything, and I can’t stand when people end up making you late because they decide to get in the shower 5 minutes before you’re supposed to leave! (Real story – my housemate is particularly good at this, so I now tell him we need to be somewhere half an hour before we actually have to be!)

2. My skincare/makeup routine doesn’t really warrant being called a routine

I have tried, I promise. I’ve haveย night creams and night oils and face masks and everything else under the sun in the hopes that it’ll somehow get me into some routine but it never does. Honestly, I’m too lazy to have any kind of routine, when I’m tired I literally just fall into bed and go to sleep. Some people spend up to 20 minutes in the morning putting onย make-up, applying creams and oils and masks and whatever else and frankly I don’t have time. I barely ever wear make up and I’m lucky if I remember to apply my moisturiser before I leave the house! Plus the time spent applying it all and then taking it off could be spent eating, I know which I’d rather be doing.

3. I love dogs

100% a dog person. Sorry not sorry! Theres just something about dogs that make me happy. My dog at home is the actual sweetest, I miss him an unnatural amount when I’m at university, to the point where I’ve asked my dad numerous times to bring him to visit, for some reason the answer always seems to be no. If you don’t believe how much I miss the dog, I have an actual framed picture of him on my windowsill!!

4. I have particular mugs for different beverages

Okay, so I have a thing where I can only drink certain drinks out of certain mugs, I’m not sure why and I can’t remember exactly when it started. I have a whole shelf at home just for my mugs because I have far too many. For example, I have certain mugs I drink tea and coffee out of, but I also have mugs that I drink fresh juice and milk out of. Is this weird? I’m not sure anymore!

5. I have an unnatural love for christmasย 

Christmas is by far my favourite time of year. I love the feeling of warmth and cheeriness that is everywhere during this time of year. Not to mention the music and the films that come along with it. And don’t even get me started on all the drinks and candles filled with cinnamon!! It makes me truly happy and I can’t help but smile when I’m somewhere and hear a christmas song. I won’t lie to you, if I were allowed I’d start celebrating in September but apparently that’s too early! But between you and me, I’d watched at least 3 christmas films and had fired up my christmas playlist over a month ago!!

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