Favourite Supernatural Episodes – Blogvember 2016.

I know I was supposed to be posting every other day, but life happens and I got ill but it’s here now, have no fear, for the Winchester’s are here!

So ย Supernatural has started up again in the US and from what I’ve heard its shaping up to be a great new season, so I thought I’d give you all a run down of my absolute favourite episodes to tide us over until we can get our hands on it.

French Mistake ย 6×15

This may just be my favourite episode because it is hilarious. The boys get sent essentially ย to ‘our world’, they play themselves playing the parts of Sam and Dean. Seeing the boys try to act is quite possibly one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. You almost forget that theres a point to the episode because its so funny.

Baby 11×04

I love the way this episode is filmed. The whole episode basically revolves around the Winchesters’ car, otherwise known as ‘Baby’. It takes on a very different feel to the other episodes but that is nothing to worry about. If anything its interesting to see a few ‘chick-flick’ moments that Dean hates so much because we wouldn’t typically see these. We understand that Baby is just as much a part of the family as Dean and Sam are brothers.

Yellow Fever 4×06

This episode is another of the more comical ones. Dean gets infected with ghost sickness and it soon becomes clear that the previous people infected have died from fear. We see Dean becoming increasingly scared throughout the episode and questioning why him and his brother do what they do when it’s so scary. I find myself laughing every time I watch this episode because Dean is so dramatic when he’s scared which is the polar opposite to his normal persona.

Fan Fiction 10×05

This episode was fantastic because it broke down the fourth wall by having Dean and Sam visit a high school who were performing a musical based on the supernatural books written in the show. There are a lot of points mentioned that have been debated or talked endlessly about in the Supernatural community, including the relationship between Dean and Castiel and the bond the two brothers have. It’s a fun little episode that sort of sums up exactly what Supernatural is about at its core and how much the fans love the show and what they mean to the Supernatural community.

Dog Dean Afternoon 9×05

Another funny episode (I see a trend occurring) where the only witness during a case is a dog. Somehow Dean ends up being able to communicate with animals which is just hilarious to watch. This episode has me in stitches every time!

Death’s Door 7×10

Okay this is a sad one! As in ball-my-eyes-out-ugly-crying sad. This is the episode that *spoiler alert* Bobby dies. Bobby is by far one of my favourite characters in the whole show, I love how he fits into the father role for Dean and Sam. He is also absolutely hilarious so I was very very sad to see him go. Why is this a favourite episode if its so sad? Because it’s done so well. I often find that character deaths in TV shows tend to go one of two ways. They are either to dramatic and over the top that you just roll your eyes, or they happen very quickly and are kind of glossed over. This sits very nicely in the middle, you don’t really know it’s going to happen until it happens but it’s meaningful and touching and ripples throughout other seasons.

Swan Song 5×22

Well to start with season five was probably one of my favourite season’s, because we really got to explore the dynamic between the brothers. I really like the fact that this episode is narrated by chuck, in fact thats probably why I enjoy it so much. Throughout the episode we learn just how important the brothersย love for each other is and I love the flashbacks of the boys in the impala playing with army men and drawing their initials into the car. There is nothing in this entire episode that I don’t like, it might just be my favourite season finale of the whole series so far!!

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