Nakd Box -Blogvember 2016


Not a day goes by where I do not end up hunting for some sort of snack. My favourite snack to reach for are these bars by Nakd. After having a browse on their website I found that you could buy a selection box and I thought that would be a fab way of trying out all the other flavours! It was a very speedy delivery and I was surprised to find they had included two of their Trek bars for me to try too. I actually really enjoyed them despite not being a huge coconut fan but I will definitely be picking them up in the future.

First, I just want to comment on the actual box it comes in. It is so so cute! I love the little bee that you find when you’ve finished the box. I’m a sucker for cute animal illustrations so this definitely impressed me even more. But anyway, on to the actual contents of the box.

Okay, so I didn’t even know that Nakd did raisins but apparently it’s a thing and I won’t lie, I’m not mad about it! I’m a fan of raisins and I love these flavours, as sad as it sounds it just makes them a bit more excited. The ‘Crazy Cola’ flavour I thought sounded a bit peculiar because cola flavoured things are not always great but ended up being my favourite! I couldn’t eat the oat bars but I ended up passing them onto my housemates so they weren’t wasted, from what I’ve heard they’ve been very muchΒ enjoyed.

I quite liked these ones, the added crunch was nice! My favourite was the ‘Banana Crunch’, I love banana flavoured things so I think this was always going to be a win in my books. However, for some reason I found this variety to be slightly more dry than the normal bars but they were nice regardless. What I really like about Nakd bars is that they use all natural sugars and flavours so I don’t have to worry about anything processed being added. Also, the back of each one tells you exactly how much of everything is in that bar and it never fails to surprise me how few ingredients there are.

My favourites by far are the good ol’ original bars, no fuss, not fancy, just great flavours. The one I’m reaching for most right now is a new release that isn’t pictured; ‘Bakewell Tart’. I love a good bakewell tart but because of the pastry I can’t eat them and I’ve yet to find an amazing gluten-free one, but this satisfies my craving amazingly. It tastes exactly like eating a bakewell tart and I couldn’t be more thankful to the amazing person who created this particular flavour, I’ll forever be in you debt. In a very close second is the ‘Cocoa Delight’, I kid you not tastes exactly like a chocolate bar! I was pleasantly surprised when I bit into it, thinking it was going to have that ‘fake’ chocolate taste that I find ‘healthy chocolate’ has, but it didn’t. I’ve slowly been building up a collection of these two flavours so I can safely say I won’t run out for months.

I will definitely be grabbing this box again, I think its such a great idea as a taster box and I really enjoyed everything (I could eat) that came in it. They certainly didn’t last long but I know I’ll be reaching into my snack cupboard and grabbing a Nakd bar for many months to come. You can grab your own box here, and if you do, leave me a comment down below to let me know which your favourite flavours were.

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