Sunday Chats – 12/02/17.

Hello lovelies, I’ve been meaning to do a post like this for a while but I just kept putting it off. But I’ve finally sat down while the repeat of yesterdays The Voice is on and a half eaten bag of giant buttons (they will no doubt all be gone by the end of this post) and I’m going to delve in with what I’ve been up to this week.

What I’ve Been Doing…
This week has felt like a very long week despite not doing much. I’ve been into uni and had a few different meetings to go to. I also had a blood test at the beginning of a week, which was a struggle as per usual. I have absolutely no problems with needles or having my blood taken, but it always ends up taking twice as long. I have very small, deep set veins which means it can be a real struggle to get any blood at all from me. It also means they have to try numerous times in multiple places which means I come out with loads of bruises, not a good look! I also popped home this weekend because I had a hospital appointment with my GI consultant. I’m probably in the very rare percentage of people who enjoy going to hospital appointments and Friday’s was great! I got some good news and everything in regards to my colitis is starting to calm down and I’m getting it a little bit more under control which is fab. I’ve got an appointment at the end of next month (which I’m looking forward to as well…) just to see how everything’s going and then I’m also waiting for a date for my next colonoscopy which I most certainly am not looking forward to!!

What I’ve Been Reading…
I haven’t been reading an awful lot this week, which makes me sad, maybe I’ll sit down with a book and a cuppa when I’ve finished writing this. Most of my reading this week has been on the topic of Vogue’s magazine publication in the 1920’s for the coursework I had to hand in on Friday. As much as it’s not a boring subject by any means, I can think of a thousand different things I’d rather have spent my time reading. I did manage to tick off Lumberjanes from my Feburary TBR list, you can see what else is on my list in my What I’m Reading post. I found I picked this up when I was in bed and I’d read a chapter before I went to sleep, I’ll talk about it in my Feburary round up at the end of the month. I’ve also been checking in with Bloglovin’ every morning and I thought I’d link some of my favourite reads from the last week.

What I’ve Been Listening To…
Whenever I have coursework to do I tend to have my musicals playlist on repeat. This week I found myself listening to Annie, The Last 5 Years, La La Land and She Loves Me the most. Train’s new album also got released so I’ve been listening to that too, while it isn’t my favourite album from them, it still easy listening and I’ve had it on in the background while I’ve cleaned. One of my absolute favourite bands, Rascal Flatts, released their newest single ‘Yours If You Want It’ a few weeks ago, and I’ve pretty much listened to it every day this week. I cannot wait for their new album!

What I’ve Been Watching…
Lots of my favourite TV shows have started again recently but I’ve been enjoying Greys Anatomy and Scandal most this week. Supernatural was also very amusing this week, I love it when they have an episode full of comedy, albeit usually at Dean’s expense. Me and my housemate watched The Secret Life of a 5 Year Old which we watch religiously when it’s on because it has us both in stitches! I’ve also made it my mission to get up to date with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (which is a guilty pleasure of mine) and I managed to watch a season and a half this week while I’ve been doing my coursework!

I hope you’ve all had a great week, let me know in the comments what you got up to and what the highlight of the week was for you!


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