Pizza Express At Home.

So you may have seen that a little while ago, I ended up having lunch in Pizza Express and I had an amazing meal. Well, when food shopping a few days ago, I noticed this pizza was reduced and I wondered if I would get the same, great tasting pizza at home. Lets just say the words ‘pleasently surprised’ and ‘Pizza Express’ seem to be going together more than I thought.

I decided I would add some salami and oregano to give some more flavour and that’s all I had laying around in the fridge. I was worried about the base, because it looked quite doughy and I was worried that it wouldn’t crisp at all.

Well, it’s safe to say there was no need to worry. When I took the pizza out, it looked and smelt glorious. I don’t particularly like crispy bases on pizza’s, which is why I tend to stray from thin bases, but this was just right. The base cooked perfectly, while not crispy was firm and held its shape. I honestly don’t think anyone would have guessed that this was a gluten-free base. While I don’t think it was as amazing at the one in the restaurant, it was a pretty good comparison, and when I get a hankering for pizza in the future, I’ll definitely be picking this up again!


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