TV Series I’ve Been Addicted To Recently.

The Originals

This is a show that I’ve been watching on and off since it first started in 2013. Originally it started as a spin off of The Vampire Diaries, but I’d argue that it absolutely can stand on its own. It follows a family of vampires, who just happen to be the very first vampires ever, hence being called an ‘original’. We follow their quest to take back the city of New Orleans, a city that was once their own that they were run out of. We’re very quickly introduced to the witches of the quarter, as well as werewolves out in the bayou. If you’re looking for a show that is drama filled, featuring all sorts of supernatural beings but at the very core of it, features a family that stick together ‘always and forever’, this is definitely the one for you.

The Bachelorette

Okay, I know. It just happened. I have no excuse. The Bachelor was a show that I had caught on TV a few times before and found it was something that was easy to have on in the background and had the drama and tension I secretly crave from a reality TV show. Then about a week ago, me and my house mate stumbled across this, and I won’t lie to you, we sat and watched at least 5 hours worth of the show in one sitting. It’s a very simple premise – a woman gets to spend her time with a large group of men, getting to know them and going on dates with them, and deciding who to give the rose to every episode. (If you get a rose, it means you can stick around for another week, if not, you’re going home buddy boy.) What’s the end result of this? She’ll eventually be left with 2 men, both of whom are hoping she’ll accept their proposal and end up married. Yep, thats right. You go on this show with the intention of getting engaged and married to essentially a stranger. It sounds odd (I won’t lie, it is) but it’s easy to binge watch on a Saturday while doing work, and you’d be surprised how quickly you get sucked into the drama and I guarantee you will end up with favourites.


I started watching this show because two of my friends kept pestering me to, so I caved. But I’m very glad I did. I managed to watch the first season in the space of two days. It’s a drama featuring David Tennant (who I love) and Olivia Coleman (who I also now love). The first season follows the investigation of a boys death, and we see how it affects the family and the small village they live in. I love the fact that every episode leaves you guessing and I honestly had no clue what the end result was going to be. It’s written brilliantly and the acting is absolutely amazing. I’ve never really been one for drama’s before, for no other reason than I forget to keep up with them, but this had me sitting down with a cuppa every Monday night ready to be captivated for a hour. Even if drama’s aren’t your thing, I promise you won’t be disappointed if you give this a go.

Masterchef Junior

I absolutely love the American version of Masterchef, if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favour because it is miles better than the UK version. But what I love even more than that is the junior version. Don’t get me wrong, I get nervous every time I see the small humans running around with incredibly sharp knifes, but they are super talented so I presume that they know more about what to do with them than I do. These kids definitely know what they’re doing and it’s amazing watching them work. Also, Gordon Ramsay is a judge and I love everything he’s in plus he’s adorable with all the kids.

Designated Survivor

This is something that I just happened to stumble upon and I practically got sucked in from the get-go. I caught up with all 18 episode in just over a day. I really enjoy shows like Scandal and House of Cards, and I was worried that because of my high expectations it would end up being a bit of a flop. I’m glad to say I was wrong. The show follows a man who, after an attack killing the President and most of the cabinet, ends up being thrown into running the white house. While it can be a little bit slow in places, there always seems to be some sort of twist or turn that surprises me. It also has Kiefer Sutherland which is always a bonus.


I’ve always adored Supernatural, however I tend to go through fits and farts with it. I’ll sit and marathon season after season and then I’ll forget about it for a while. But I have to say Season 12 has really brought back the love for it, so much so that I’m currently rewatching it from the very beginning. Not that the previous seasons were bad, because they weren’t in any way. But I’d found it got a little bit repetitive and I wasn’t being wowed anymore. But season 12 blew me away. Well, it dd up until the very last hour of the season, then they kind of lost me again, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when season 13 rolls around.


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