Favourite 90’s TV shows

You must have heard the fantastic news that Will & Grace is coming back for a one off season by now! I squealed a little when I heard, Will & Grace is one of my favourite shows of all times! Saying that though, I love most shows that were made around that time. I think there’s a spark toΒ them, that lots of series’ these days maybe don’t have for me. Whether its the script writing, the stories, the characters, I couldn’t tell you what I love so much about them, but there is honestly nothing better than sticking one of these shows on in the background while I do some work with a brew.

Will & Grace

This is such an easy viewing kinda show. I’ll happily have it playing in the background all day while doing work. I love absolutely everything about it, the characters, the topics it tackles, Will’s apartment, the comedy. At its core it’s just a show about two friends who’ve been friends for years and how they cope in their day to day lives, including promotions, love, and breakups. And they tackle every subject with just the right amount of humour while making its points abundantly clear.


Obviously, everyone loves friends, don’t they?! I can sit and watch this for hours, I’ve seen every episode far too many times and I can quote most of it, yet it never fails to make me laugh every single time. I’m quite happy there hasn’t been a revival because I’m not sure if it would be able to do the show justice. It was comical yet heart wrenching sometimes, we grew with these characters and that was amazing. In my opinion, it ended exactly when it needed to and I’d much rather relive the old episodes than have new ones.


This is an odd one I think, one of those ones that you don’t know about unless you know it. If you’re up early enough you might catch an episode of it on Channel 4, and thats where I normally get my fix. Not a series I’ve watched religiously, or in fact all of, but will happily stick on when it’s on because I know it’ll give me a chuckle. While very subtle in the topics it deals with, if you squint a bit, you’ll see there are lessons to be learned from Dr Crane.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Another one that I’m convinced everyone loves. I actually remember watching this with my dad when I was younger. I love Will Smith and this was just filled with hilarity from start to end. I really don’t think they make TV like this anymore. If you’re ever in need of a laugh, stick on any episode of this and I guarantee within minutes you’ll be in fits of laughter.


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