Why I Love Doing Yoga.*

I don’t exercise. In fact I dislike it greatly, it just isn’t for me I’m afraid. But something I’ve been loving recently is yoga. It doesn’t feel like a chore and I like the fact that some mornings I can do 10 minutes and others I can do 30. It isn’t something I thought I’d ever be into but there are so many benefits and if I can do it, anyone can! If you’re thinking about starting yoga or you’re just looking for some new routines I can’t recommend Yoga with Adriene more. She literally has a routine for everyone, so have a little look and I’ve no doubt you’ll find something that works for you, I’m currently working through her 31-day challenge.

It helps my aching body.

I joke about the fact that I think I secretly have the body of a 60-year-old woman but sometimes its the truth. I have aches and pains that you wouldn’t believe, sometimes all I can do it soak in the bath and hope for the best. But something that has really helped is yoga. It helps with some of the aches and pains, especially the ones in my legs and lower back, this routine is my favourite.

It clears my mind.

I suffer terribly from brain fog some days, so I tend to do yoga because it helps to clear my mind and relax. While I’m doing yoga all I have to focus on is my breathing and nothing else. I feel so much better mentally after, my mind is clearer and I feel almost lighter in a way. If you’re someone who finds it hard to switch off or like me, gets brain fog often, I highly recommend yoga to help slow things down and switch off.

The clothes.

I practically live in yoga leggings. I can’t help it, they are just too comfortable. I was very kindly gifted these ones from Lapasa and I love them. They are unbelievable comfortable and really breathable, both of which are important to me. Something else that’s great about these leggings are the fact they’re shrink resistant because of the lycra, which lets it stretch without changing the shape. I hate when leggings lose their shape or elasticity, especially after a few washes, but no worries of that happening here. I’m planning on buying more of these to replace some of my leggings that have seen better days. My favourite part is how high the waistband is at the back, I hate that when I sit on the floor I have to pull the back of the waistband up because it usually slips down. These leggings are designed with this in mind and having a higher back means there’s no worry of them slipping down, which I love.

Fab news – the lovely people at Lapasa have given me an exclusive 10% code off for you guys, just use the code ‘teabooks’ until the 27th of this month.Β 

Let me know if you do grab a pair and if you love yoga as much as I do!

*This post contains something that was giifted, but all thoughts, opinions and pictures are my own.

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