The Road So Far: My Supernatural Collection.

I wont lie, I’m very much a closet fan when it comes to anything I adore. I don’t tend to get involved in the fandom, I don’t buy merch, but not for any particular reason other than I just don’t. But times are a changing people. My very small Supernatural collection I’m hoping is going to continue to grow, because why not invest in the thing that makes you happy, right?

Season 2 and 6 DVD’s

So, I haven’t got around to buying the whole collection and I’m not sorry to say that I probably won’t until the show is finished. (*gasp*, I know how could I even mention such a preposterous idea?!) I’m very particular when it comes to things matching, books, DVD’s, stationary collections, I’m a very matchy person. One of my biggest pet hates is when a book series decides to do a cover change half way through the series, because it means I have to buy all the books I already own with the new cover. So, I’d probably wait until all the season’s were just in one big box and I didn’t have to buy separate one’s to finish the collection. That being said, I do have 2 season’s on DVD. The first actually belongs to my mum, but has since been mixed into my collection of DVD’s so I’m now dubbing it as mine, and the second is season 5 which I brought because that was the season that I finally got caught up to and I just needed to have it when it came out on DVD.

The Essential Supernatural – On The Road With Sam and Dean

Surprisingly, I got this a fair few years ago, when I rediscovered my love for the show. Mostly because it looked cool and books like this interest me because I love finding out what goes on behind the scenes. I’m pretty sure I ordered it from Amazon during a Black Friday sale because it was going quite cheap and I got excited. I’ve still yet to read through the whole thing but that’s what so great about a coffee table book like this, you can just pick it up as and when you please. It kind of bummed me out when I found out that they actually republish it with information on the newer seasons, which makes sense, but I can never justify repurchasing a new books just for the sake of an additional chapter or two. What they should have done is broken it into parts so that it was part of a series as opposed to a new book with 90% of the same information.

Family Don’t End With Blood

I got this for Christmas just gone, and I was beside myself when I opened it. Yes I know, I’m very late to the party, but I don’t care. From what I’ve read so far it’s amazing and everyone raves about it, especially Jared’s chapters. So I don’t want to rush it, I’ve been reading small sections of it when I’m on my own and can really take in everything the book has to offer and it’s honestly the best thing ever. That undeniable feeling of not being alone that you get when you read it, is something that I’ve yet to find so strongly with anything else.

Wayward T-shirts

I saw it, I needed it, I got it. What more can I say? They were in the Stands sale and I just had to have them because I realised there were suddenly all these things I could have had that were awesome if only I’d taken the time to puruse the fandom more, so I decided not to waste any time and just get what I could to make up for lost time. Money well spent, I feel.

Jason Mann’s Album

I’m not sure if this counts, but I’m gonna say it counts. A fair few from the SPN cast sing on it so I think it’s fair. I have listened to this album more times that you would believe, it’s always my go to because it’s such easy listening. (Yes – the fact that Jensen sings on it probably does sway my opinion but anywho!) This album has some of my favourite songs on it and I love that it such a mix of really good tracks. I cannot wait for the new one!

Louden Swain SNS Album

Okay, so truth be told, I’m very new to the Louden Swain situation. In that until about a month ago, I didn’t even know they had their own albums out. So I’ve been given then a listen through and I have to say their live SNS album is my favourite. Yes, I love that they get the cast signing songs, but actually I love that you can hear the raw emotion when Rob is singing as well as how awesome the connection between the band and audience is, every time I listen to it, I get even more hyped for May!

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