The Road So Far: Gotta Do A Supply Run.

So SPNUK might still be a fair few months away, but I am already planning what I need to pack, and in turn, what I need to buy before the big weekend. This is part need to buy list and part wish list. There are things I’m going to mention that I probably won’t be able to buy due to funds but a girl can dream, and I could win the lottery so who knows! (Although it would probably help if I actually played the lottery once in a while!)


Okay, this is a given. So far I’ve only got a photo-op with Jensen Ackles, but there’s a fair few more I would like to buy. I’d absolutely love to get one with Jared Padalecki as well as both the boys, but there’s the question of whether my bank account will stretch that far as well as them not selling out. There are some that I’m planning on picking up when I get there, like one with Rich, and Rob, plus the full line-up hasn’t even been revealed yet, so who knows who else I’m gonna wanna snag a picture with. I guess I better start saving now. (Since writing this Briana has been announced so obviously once pay-day come’s around I’ll be grabbing one with her for sure!)

Power Bank

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my phone almost 2 years and the battery life on it is still pretty darn good. But no doubt, the weekend is going to be filled with taking quick snaps, uploading them, chatting on social media and all sorts and I really don’t want to get halfway through a day and end up hugging a wall, trying to will my phone to charge quicker. Solution? Power bank. I’ve no idea what sort I need, what brand is good, how much you should spend, so I’m gonna have to do a little bit of researching. If you know of any that you think are note-worthy, let me know in the comments below.


Right, this is still a maybe, if there’s budget and you see one cheap sorta deal. I have a suitcase and I also have a holdall. However, I feel like one is too big while the other is too small. The holdall I could probably make work while the suitcase is a little bit of an overkill, but then if I decide to go crazy at the vendors room, at least I know I’ve got space to bring it home. Decisions, decisions. Like I say, it depends on if I find one nearer the time that isn’t too pricy and smaller than the one I already have, so we’ll see.

SPN Themed Shirts

What exactly does one wear to a convention? Ultimately for me, I’m going for comfort. If it were acceptable to wear your pyjamas, I probably would but alas it is not, so I won’t. Which then begs the question, well what then? My immediate thought was jeans, flannel and boots, I’m sure you understand why. Fortunately, this isn’t at all news to my wardrobe so I feel pretty golden. But I’d like something that’s actually SPN related, because I’m sad like that, okay? Before Christmas I ordered one of Kim and Briana’s Wayward AF tops, and I love it, so I think I’m gonna be going down that route. Try and find some more SPN-ish tops, to wear under the flannel of course. I’d also reeaally like to buy a Loudain Swain top before SNS on Saturday so I can wear it and hopefully get them to sign it, because yes, my fangirl is starting to show and I don’t care.

Wallets for Photos and Tickets

So, this is something that has been advised to me time and time again. Get a folder to put all your tickets in so that they’re all in the same place and you’re less likely to lose them. Plus I think it makes for helping things run a little quicker because you’re not having to root around at the bottom of your bag for your now crumpled ticket. Then we move onto wallets for the Photo Ops, and this is something that Alana from KingBooks talks about. Apparently you can get these at the con but they’re way overpriced, and with the way Creation are going at the moment, you know damn well they’re gonna try to squeeze every penny out of you they can. So like Alana suggests, I’ll be buying a bulk pack and taking my own. Smart move.


I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about what I was gonna get the boys to sign. I pondered for ages, found out what others had signed and there were some really good ideas. When I got ‘Family Don’t End With Blood’ for Christmas, my mum suggested I could get everyone to sign their chapters, which is a very nice idea but goes against every fibre of my being when it comes to not writing in books. So if this were what I was going to do, I’d probably have to buy another copy just so that I could have a signed copy to treasure and an unsigned copy to read. I know, I’m crazy. Anyway, I’d toyed with the idea of making a scrapbook, almost coming full circle to wanting to take lots of pictures of everyone and everything, and I was thinking about how nice it might be to have a scrapbook of photo’s I’ve taken as well as photo ops with the autographs in. I’m not sure how well it’s going to work yet, but it’s a semi-formed plan, so we’ll see.

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