My Graphic Novel Collection

Graphic Novels were never something I saw myself getting into and to be honest I get too excited about new ones to ever continue buying one series! However, I have stumbled across some over the last year or so that I have really enjoyed so I thought I’d show you my little-but-ready-to-expand collection that sit proudly at the top of my bookcase.

Lumberjanes was one of the first Graphic novels I picked up a few years ago. I think I was feeling a little bit rubbish and took my usual pick-me-up trip to Waterstones and decided I wanted something easygoing and fun. Thus Lumberjanes happened. As I often find for me, it was the art style that pulled me in on this particular series. I love looking at all the illustrations but I also genuinely love the story of these girls. It’s a fantastic story of friendship and courage and how you can be brave if only just by believing you are. I have yet to read the third one, but the fact I’ve even picked up the next two in this series, I think is telling enough about how much I enjoyed the first one.

I was very worried about delving into the Marvel and DC graphic novels, because its such a vast and expanding universe that I wasn’t quite sure where to start. I didn’t want to pick something up that I wouldn’t understand because I needed to read 3 other series’ and a TV show to understand. So instead of delving straight in at the deep end, I took a few cautious steps with one’s I knew I could pick up and not be lost. Black Widow was the first one I picked up and I absolutely loved it! The artwork is exactly what I expected from a Marvel Graphic Novel and the back story was amazing, it gave so much depth to a typically pretty 2D character. Don’t get me wrong, I think Black Widow is awesome but I don’t think the films delve into her enoughΒ  to really allow her to be her own character. I definitely need to get my hands on the rest of this series as well as the Hawkeye one, which I’ve heard is equally as amazing.

Ms Marvel was a christmas present last year, and I’m pretty sure I read it as soon as I opened it. I enjoyed it a lot, but after the hype around it, I was kind of expecting a little bit more. I will pick up the next one and see if that changes my mind, but I’m not in an absolute rush to do that. The Flash 52 is one I debated with and was actually another Christmas present. I know there’s been other Flash Graphic novels and like I said I didn’t want to be in the position where I needed to have read something else to understand the timeline or lore. But this was a very good choice. This is The Flash reimagined, a new story of sorts I think. So I didn’t think I was missing anything while reading this. As much as I enjoyed this, I’m not sure I would rush to pick up the rest of them, purely because I think there are others out there that I might enjoy more.

Saga was the other one I picked up during my first outing into Graphic Novels. And I certainly wasn’t disappointed with it. If you’re looking for a slap you in the face, no frills and no pussy footing around badass graphic novel, this is it. I’ve read it a few times and I’m still not 100% sure about what’s going on, I just know it’s amazing! If you’re looking for something out of your comfort zone, fantasy based and that will typically blow your socks of, get your hands on this. From the story to the artwork to the presentation to the quality of the book itself, I have yet to find something I’ve enjoyed quite as much. I’ve been meaning to pick up the rest of them for the longest time, but I can never seem to find the second one in any of the stores I go into, so I’m still on the hunt for those.

Paper Girls is the newest one in my collection, and I’ll be honest with you, it didn’t blow me away. I think based on all the other’s I’d delved into, I just really expected something that wasn’t delivered. I’m going to pick up the second one, purely because the end of the first one pulled a twist out of the bag that was semi-interesting and I really liked the art style, so I’ve decided to give the next one to see if the story picks up. But currently, I would worry yourselves about racing to the stores to grab this.

I wont lie, The Wicked and The Divine is one I picked up one birthday because of all the hype I’d heard about it and I think I’ve only read the first few pages. I think it’s going to be quite lore and story heavy which I’m really interested to delve into but I just haven’t found the time or brain power to do so yet. I did see another one in the collection on my last visit to Waterstone and I did pick it up and flick through, and from the few bits I saw, I definitely need to get my head into this so I can get the rest.

The League of Extraordinary Gentleman had been one on my list for as long as I can remember. Not because it was a graphic novel, but because of the fact I actually really like the movie. However, compared to the other graphic novels I’d bought this was a little more pricey and I wasn’t sure whether it would be worth it. If you liked the movie, it definitely is, I would recommend picking this up asap. I’m not the biggest fan of the artwork, I’m definitely more of a cartoon style reader I think. However, story wise this is fab and I love picking it up randomly and just chipping away at it, and every time I do, I get this real urge to watch the film.

It’s seems I’ve unintentionally left my favourite till last. Nimona was one that I heard A LOT about before it came out and I was actually a little unsure about it. But it’s easily my favourite of every graphic novel featured here. The story, the artwork, everything is just so perfect. I’m sad that there isn’t more because honestly it had me laughing and mentally cheering my possibly favourite duo the whole way through. It reminds me very much of Rainbow Rowell, both in story and artwork. I know that I’ve gushed about a few of the others on this list, but if you’re an avid book lover who is looking to branch into Graphic Novels, this I the one for you. I think it’s the one that most reads like a book and is the closest in terms of feeling like a novel. If nothing, the artwork is adorable.

Are there any Graphic Novels on this list that you also love? Are there any you love that you think I need to get my hands on? Let me know down below!

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