I Don’t Need More PJ’s, Do I?

The answer is always yes, and if you’re having to ask the question you’re clearly not doing it right. You can never have too many pajamas, at least I don’t think so. There is honestly nothing I love more at the end of a long day than getting home and getting changed into my PJ’s. I think it’s my way of forgetting about everything that has happened that day, and just getting nice and cozy so I can switch my brain off for a while.

Anyone who has ever come shopping with me knows that a pyjama section of any shop is dangerous for me because I will always more than likely come out with a new pair. I don’t need them, but I NEED them, y’know? Anywho, with Christmas around the corner and the evenings getting colder, now is the perfect time to find an excuse to get a new pair (or two, no judging here) to snuggle up in. I’ve had a little online browse, and these would be my top picks this season. 

NEXT Pink Floral Cotton Ruffle Sleeve Pyjamas – £25 
I love the colours on these! I will always tend to pick up pyjamas that have a cuffed bottom because I hate when the legs roll up or get bunched up during the night. I think the ruffle is a nice touch too, definitely not a style I would usually go for, but you can’t really go wrong with a pair from Next! 

ASOS Design Oversized Sketched Floral Print Traditional 100% Modal trouser set – £28 
I am also partial to a good pair of PJ’s from ASOS. I think you can get some lovely sets and it doesn’t make a huge dent in your purse. These are a set that contradicts my last statement of not liking bottoms that aren’t cuffed, however, I love the print so much that I would probably still go for it! These look as though they would be roomy and comfortable so I will definitely be adding these to my basket at some point! 

Topshop Monochrome Stripe Camisole and Trousers – £34 
I haven’t got a tonne of PJ’s from Topshop, but the few pairs I do have, have lasted me very well. I like that this is a cami top as sometimes, even in the winter, I can overheat really easily, so I feel like this is a good compromise of having full-length bottoms but a very light, sleeveless top. 

NEXT Grey Fancy Dress Dog Pyjamas – £25 
I’m not going to lie, I have had my eyes on these since I saw them in the Next catalogue. It’s pretty much a given that I will buy most things that have dogs on, purely for the fact they have dogs on. I know, it’s an issue. But the fact that I love Next pyjamas, they have cuffed bottoms, AND they have dogs on, mean that these are a sure-fire win for me! 

Anthropologie Floreat Silky Sleep Trousers – £58 
Yes, I know what you’re thinking, more than 50 quid just on pyjama bottoms? Couple that with the fact the top is around that much too and you’re looking at a pretty dent in your purse for this set. But just look at the pattern. How gorgeous! I can guarantee, you can try and find something similar but nothing will compare to this beauty. The piping, the elastic wait, the colours. This is the pyjama set of dreams! 

I can honestly say that if I’m ever in the market to treat myself, a new set of pyjamas that I can change into as soon as I get home, and settle down with a cuppa tea and a good book, is most definitely the way forward. 

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