Travel Plans For Next Year.

The idea of traveling has never really struck a chord with me, not for any real reason other than I have just never felt the need or the yearn to. That being said, after my trip to Vancouver, albeit for the purposes of attending a convention, I feel the need to get back out there. Yes, for more conventions obviously, but also to do more exploring! Two birds, one stone. I don’t think I will ever be the backpack and hostel kinda gal, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that!

So what have I got in the works for next year? Well, I’m going back to Canada! I wasn’t lying when I said how much I loved it! This time I’ll be going to Toronto, and while I would have loved to venture back to Vancouver, the time I was looking to go would have been too expensive and I’m hoping to make two trips next year, so gotta save those pennies where I can! Toronto is the perfect solution, slightly cheaper, I’ll still get to breathe that Canadian air, and I’ll get to go a few days after my birthday which I think is just the perfect excuse to go really! Just like Vancouver, I’ll be spending 3 days at a Convention, but I plan to fully utilize the other days and see as much as I can! If you have any recommendation on what to do while in Toronto, let me know down below!

I’ve also decided to attend a music festival called Rockwood. I was very close to going this year, and after seeing how much fun everyone had, I’m gutted that I didn’t! So I am desperate to go next year. It’s held in Frankfurt, Germany, which is great because it’s not too far from home, I’m hoping this helps keep the prices down a little! As the details for next year haven’t been announced yet, I’m not sure where I’ll be staying, when I’ll be going, or for how long, but as it’ll be 3 days out again for the festival, I’m thinking maybe sticking around for 6 days in total, depending on how much I end up having on my itinerary.

And then my dream trip? St. Petersburg. I’ve been talking about going for a few years now, and I would absolutely love to make it happen. There would be no convention, no festival, just pure exploration of a beautiful city! Depending on how things with Germany turn out, I might try and make it happen at the end of next year, if not 2020 will be the year!!

Have you traveled anywhere amazing this year? Attending any special events that have taken you around the world? I’d love to hear about them!

9 thoughts on “Travel Plans For Next Year.

  1. Rachel says:

    My favorite trip in 2018 was a field course to South Africa with my university! It was so much fun. Next year, I’m doing a big trip to SE Asia with my brother, attending the full moon party and scuba diving, I can’t wait! Happy holidays x

    Rachel ||


  2. Miss Molly says:

    Favorite trips this year were Paris and Barcelona.

    I’ve been to Frankfurt more times than I can count but I live less than an hour away so that’s still in my neighborhood..

    Take a look at some of my adventures at πŸ™‚

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    • Taylor says:

      I’ve always wanted to do Paris, I suppose it isn’t too far from me so I could always take a little weekend trip at some point!!

      Ahh, I’ll have to get some pointer from you then πŸ˜‚

      I will definitely check it out! 😁


  3. ellieslondon says:

    My favourite trip this year was Abu Dhabi back in March – but I loved Prague too in September. Next year I’m looking at Amsterdam and St Petersburg for Jan and March, but I already have Istanbul booked for Feb! So excited for 2019. I would love to explore some of Canada though β™₯

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