Planning my 2019

I’ve thought a lot about the things I want to achieve next year. 2018 was a good stepping stone for me, got a full time job, did some exploring with some best pals and realised what it really means to be happy and content. But 2019 is the year I want to make things happen, like actually do things and not just say I’m going to do them, shocking I know.

So with my new SPN planner in tow (obviously), I’ve been planning what I want my 2019 to look like.

More adventure

I’ve already booked another Convention in Toronto, and I’m absolutely buzzing to continue exploring Canada after I loved Vancouver so much! But I want to do more, I’m hoping to get a trip into Frankfurt at some point, and I’ve got a whole post up about my Travel Plans for 2019. Bigger picture, I want to just go places, like I’ve always wanted to go to Brighton, so I might book a BnB for a weekend in the summer and just go. I’d love to go back to Bournemouth and really explore, and I would adore going back to Leicester and just reminiscing.

More focus on my blog

I say this every year, and (not so) surprisingly it never happens, although I do think I’ve done better in some respect over the last year. So I thought I’d give myself some manageable goals that will help get me back in the swing of things. I’m going to try and post at least five new posts a month. It isn’t too many that I stress myself out every week about getting something done, but if I do have a really good month and I churn out ten new posts, which would be a miracle, then great. I just think the less pressure there is, the more I’ll enjoy it again. Hand in hand with this, I’m going to make a real conscious effort to get involved with the community. Commenting on other posts, chatting on Instagram, joining in Twitter chats, the lot! I think if I can aim to be active for at least an hour a week, just to start with, I’ll realise how fun it is getting more involved with everyone.

More fun

For me, this just means doing more of the things I love. I used to get embarrassed by the things I liked doing because I thought I was in the minority for them. And I still am with my family and friends, but I don’t care anymore. I’m thinking more conventions, taking myself to see more theatre (hello Waitress and Dear Evan Hansen, I see you), spending an afternoon reading instead of going out. It’s something that seems really little, but will allow me to really accept who I am and the parts of me that I’ve kept quiet about for a while.

More me

2018 I really took time to focus on me. I reached out and tried therapy because I needed help, but I found it didn’t work for me. But just having someone tell you that you weren’t making a mountain out of a molehill, that there was in fact a real struggle happening in your mind, gave me the strength to be more open and honest about it, which has made me feel so much lighter. I want to keep working on myself, finding me. It sounds very cheesy and fluffy which is very unlike me, I know. But I think I’ve slowly been gathering all the tools I need to do this. I’ve found friends who accept me in every way, I’ve realised family will support you whatever happens and that it truly doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, so long as you are happy. So I’m going to go to more conventions, embrace my inner nerd while still battling with the demons of my mind every day, I’m going to be the very best version of myself. My own hero. Just me.

What are some of your goals for next year? Are you planning to travel more, or spend more time with family figuring things out? Let me know!

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