ASOS Wish List #2

I really enjoyed doing my last post like this, so I decided I would do another ASOS Wishlist for my New Years wardrobe. At the start of every year, I always say that I’m going to finally invest in a new wardrobe, not that there’s anything wrong with my current clothes situation, but I never feel like I’m happy with it. So after a quick swipe through the ASOS app (as per), here are the picks I’m hoping will pop into my wardrobe to start my New Year off with a bang.

Stradivarius Oversized Turtle Neck Jumper in Green – £29.99
I love the colour! I definitely don’t need another jumper, but the colour of this is just too good to refuse. I also love a turtle neck, so this jumper is just a tick, tick, tick for me.

ASOS Design Long Sleeve Wrap Top in Linen with Pephem – £30
Anyone who knows me knows that I adore anything that has a hint of mustard in it. This is something that I love but isn’t something that I would have the confident enough to wear. I would love to add this to my wardrobe but I’m not sure I would ever actually wear it, so possibly one to ponder for a while.

Hollister Flock Long Sleeve T-shirt with Back Logo – £25
I love the simplicity of this top. I’ve taken a shine to tops that I can wear with a hoodie or a cardigan, to stop me wearing quite so many jumpers. The font is one I love and it isn’t too garish or in your face. It looks as though it would be a little bit thicker than your standard t-shirt, which would be perfect for me.

Mango Embroidered Slogan Neck T-shirt – £16
As stated above, love a t-shirt, and even more so, love a slogan t-shirt. I think this is really cute, but my only worry is that it might be a little thin and see through.

ASOS Design Denim Girlfriend Jacket in Washed Black – £40
I adore my denim jacket, after years of not thinking that I was much of a denim jacket kinda person, I have come to the conclusion that I am in fact very much a denim jacket kinda girl. So I’m hoping that this will go in the sale and then I will be adding it to my collection for when it warms up a little!

Pull&Bear Cable Knitted Jumper in Blue – £25.99
Surprise surprise, another jumper. However, have you seen how pretty this one is? I love blue, it’s one of my favourite colours. I’ve never really got anything from Pull&Bear so I’m not sure how the things come up but I’d be interested to see if this is a thick as it looks.

Vans Authentic Suede and Gum Pink Trainers – £60
I used to live in my vans, I used to have a black pair I’d wear for work and another I would wear out and about. When it comes down to it, I think I might prefer them to converse, which is saying something because I used to wear nothing but converse for absolute years. But somehow last year, I’ve lost touch with vans a little, so I’ve been looking for a new pair to rekindle my love, and isn’t the colour of these ones just lovely?

Miss Selfridge Victorian Blouse in Cream – £25
I’ve always liked the idea of Victorian style blouses, but I’ve always found them a bit too much. But I really do love this one, I think the fact that the embriodery goes down the arms too is a really nice detail. Plus I’m a sucker for anything that has even the slightest hint of a high neck.

ASOS Design Bonded Bucket Bag – £22
I’ve really liked the idea of bucket bags for a while, but I’ve never found one that I liked. The fact that this one still seems to have some structure to it makes it even more of a winner for me. The only thing that puts me off slightly is that ASOS bags can be a little hit and miss, so I’m not sure whether I’d want to chance being disappointed.

Pimkie Faux Leather Collarless Jacket in Black – £24.99
I’ll be honest, when I added this to my wish list I could hear my mum saying ‘you don’t need any more coats’, and she’d be quite right. I don’t need another jacket, not when my wardrobe is bursting with them. However, I am a sucker for a leather jacket, and even more so for a collarless one. So this is a hard yes from me!

Adidas Original White and Black Nizza Trainers – £55
I love a trainer, anyone who knows me knows that. I love the look of these, these remind me a little bit of Vans, but there’s something I like about these more. I think these would be a definite staple going for the new year.

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