Reading Habits Bookish Tag.

Do you have a certain place at home for reading?Not really, I'll read almost anywhere in general! But I do prefer to read somewhere I can get comfortable, like my bed or on the sofa. Bookmark or random piece of paper?Both? Although I'm leaning more towards bookmark since I got one in one in an … Continue reading Reading Habits Bookish Tag.

Popstar Reading Challenge 2019: My List.

If we're being honest the amount of books I have read this year is a little bit on the light side. I had a couple of good months where I really made my way through some, but it definitely wasn't consistent! However, I'm hoping that's going to be different next year. I heard from a … Continue reading Popstar Reading Challenge 2019: My List.

Favourite Poetry Books.

I'm not sure when it was that I fell in love with spoken word poetry, but I think it was shortly after I started Uni. There's something about it that is so open and bearing, it just hits you like a brick wall. When poetry books started to become a little more mainstream, I was … Continue reading Favourite Poetry Books.