Planning my 2019

I've thought a lot about the things I want to achieve next year. 2018 was a good stepping stone for me, got a full time job, did some exploring with some best pals and realised what it really means to be happy and content. But 2019 is the year I want to make things happen, … Continue reading Planning my 2019

Favourite Christmas Films.

I love a good Christmas film, and anyone who knows me knows that!Β I get super sad when the Christmas film channels finish in January, and will always get in a few extra viewings of the Grinch before January is over. Over the years I have watched many Christmas films and I love them all, but … Continue reading Favourite Christmas Films.

Asos Wish List #1

If I had to shop from just one place for the rest of my days, ASOS would always be my answer. I love ASOS, I love the fact that you can get a wide range of brands there and their own stuff isn't too bad either. I honestly check the app near enough every day … Continue reading Asos Wish List #1